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Name: Artyom Lukanin
Nickname: Ice-LC
Date of birthday: July 3rd, 1979.
Marital status: married.

In June 1999 I graduated from Chelyabinsk Polytechnic College as a programmer (diploma with honors), specializing in Information Systems in Economics.

Programming languages: PHP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Visual C++ 2005, Visual Basic 6.0, Visual Basic for Applications.

I speak Russian, English and Spanish.

In April 2004 I graduated from South Ural State University as a linguist specializing in Theoretical and Engineering Linguistics (English).

I play drum set and bongos. If you would like to listen to me playing bongos you can download the following ZIP file, unzip it and listen to "Life", the song by Des'ree. I have remixed it by playing the bongos.

DJIce-Life.zip (~2 918 kb)

I played the drums and bongos in the rock-group "Alternative World" from the autumn of 1999 till January, 2002. On the 15th of April, 2000 we gave our first recital. You can listen to one of our songs, where I play bongos:

gorod_snov.zip (~3 547 kb)

From November 2002 till December 2003 I worked as an editor in the Home PC On-line magazine.

Now I am a postgraduate at the Intercultural Communications department and a lecturer at the General Linguistics department, South Ural State University. My subjects are:

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March 9, 2012