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spoken written نوشتاری گفتاری
āb az dahan rāh oftādan āb az dahān rāh oftādan to start salivating آب از دهان راه افتادن آب از دهن راه افتادن
āb-e bini bālā keshidan āb-e bini bālā keshidan to sniffle, to sniffle آب بینی بالا کشیدن آب بینی بالا کشیدن
āb khordan āb khordan to drink water, to drink; colloq. fig. to cost, to originate آب خوردن آب خوردن
āb raftan āb raftan to shrink, to become thin آب رفتن آب رفتن
āb shodan āb shodan to melt, to thaw, to liquify, to dissolve; colloq. fig. to be ashamed, to become gaunt, to disappear, to be liquidated (assets), to be gotten rid of, to be married off آب شدن آب شدن
āb kardan āb kardan to melt, to thaw, to liquify, to fill with water, to mix with water, to water down; colloq. fig. to consume, to make gaunt, to liquidate (assets), to cleverly sell off worthless property, to marry off آب کردن آب کردن
āb-be-āb shodan āb-be-āb shodan to feel sick after travel to a different climate, to die آب‌به‌آب شدن آب‌به‌آب شدن
āb-tani kardan āb-tani kardan to take a dip, to go wading, to bathe آب‌تنی کردن آب‌تنی کردن
āb-e dahān rikhtan āb-e dahān rikhtan to salivate, to drool آب‌دهان ریختن آب‌دهن ریختن
ājide kardan ājide kardan to puncture, to perforate, to embroider, to quilt, to give a tread, to groove آجیده کردن آجیده کردن
ārum gereftan ārām gereftan to become calm, to quiet down, to settle down, to rest, to become peaceful آرام گرفتن آروم گرفتن
ārāyesh kardan ārāyesh kardan to spruce up one's appearance, to put on make-up, to arrange in order آرایش کردن آرایش کردن
ārogh az khod dar kardan ārugh az khod dar kardan to belch آروغ از خود در کردن آروغ از خود در کردن
ārogh zadan ārugh zadan to burp آروغ زدن آروغ زدن
  āzād shodan to become free, to be freed, to be released آزاد شدن  
āsib didan āsib didan to suffer damage, to get hurt آسیب دیدن آسیب دیدن
āsib resundan āsib resāndan to damage, to hurt آسیب رساندن آسیب رسوندن
āsh-pazi kardan āsh-pazi kardan to cook, to do cooking, to be a cook آشپزی کردن آشپزی کردن
āshnā shodan āshnā shodan to become acquainted, to become familiar, to get accumstomed, to get to know آشنا شدن آشنا شدن
āghāz shodan āghāz shodan to start, to begin آغاز شدن آغاز شدن
āghāz kardan āghāz kardan to begin آغاز کردن آغاز کردن
  āghashte shodan to be mixed (with), to get smeared (with), to welter, to be soaked (with) آغشته شدن  
  āghashte kardan to mix (with), to welter, to smear (with) آغشته کردن  
ākande kardan ākande kardan to stuff, to fill, to pack, to wad, to imbue آکنده کردن آکنده کردن
āgāh budan āgāh budan to be aware, to be informed, to be awake آگاه بودن آگاه بودن
āgāh shodan āgāh shodan to learn; fig. to awaken; obs. to wake up, to realize, to perceive, to perceive, to perceive آگاه شدن آگاه شدن
āgāh kardan āgāh kardan to inform, to fill in, to warn, to warn; obs. to wake up آگاه کردن آگاه کردن
ālude kardan ālude kardan to pollute, to contaminate آلوده کردن آلوده کردن
āmorzesh khāstan āmorzesh khāstan to seek forgiveness آمرزش خواستن آمرزش خواستن
āvāz khundan āvāz khāndan to sing آواز خواندن آواز خوندن
  āvāz dādan obs. to call out to someone by name آواز دادن  
āh keshidan āh keshidan to sigh آه کشیدن آه کشیدن
āyne kardan āyne kardan comp. to mirror; comp. PA. to create a mirror-site, to do mirroring آینه کردن آینه کردن
ettekā dāshtan ettekā dāshtan to rely, to trust, to depend اتکا داشتن اتکا داشتن
ettekā kardan ettekā kardan to rely, to trust, to depend اتکا کردن اتکا کردن
asar dāshtan asar dāshtan to affect, to influence اثر داشتن اثر داشتن
asar kardan asar kardan to affect, to be effective, to impact, to influence اثر کردن اثر کردن
asar gozāshtan asar gozāshtan to effect, to influence, to impress اثر گذاشتن اثر گذاشتن
ejāre dādan ejāre dādan to rent, to lease اجاره دادن اجاره دادن
ejāze khāstan ejāze khāstan to ask permission, to beg leave اجازه خواستن اجازه خواستن
ejāze dādan ejāze dādan to permit, to allow اجازه دادن اجازه دادن
ejrā kardan ejrā kardan to carry out, to implement, to execute, to run اجرا کردن اجرا کردن
ehāte dāshtan ehāte dāshtan to have command (of), to have mastery (in), to be well versed (in), to be proficient (in) احاطه داشتن احاطه داشتن
ehāte kardan ehāte kardan to surround, to enclose احاطه کردن احاطه کردن
ehtiāj dāshtan ehtiāj dāshtan to need, to require, to want, to lack احتیاج داشتن احتیاج داشتن
ehdās kardan ehdās kardan to build, to establish احداث کردن احداث کردن
ehsās kardan ehsās kardan to feel احساس کردن احساس کردن
ahvāl gereftan ahvāl gereftan to greet, to ask after someone's health احوال گرفتن احوال گرفتن
ahvāl-porsi kardan ahvāl-porsi kardan to greet, to ask after someone's health احوال‌پرسی کردن احوال‌پرسی کردن
ekhtelāt kardan ekhtelāt kardan to chat, to socialize, to mix; obs. to sleep together اختلاط کردن اختلاط کردن
edāme dādan edāme dādan to continue ادامه دادن ادامه دادن
edrār kardan edrār kardan to urinate ادرار کردن ادرار کردن
edde`ā kardan edde`ā kardan to claim, to boast, to allege, to litigate ادعا کردن ادعا کردن
ez`ān dāshtan ez`ān dāshtan to admit, to acknowledge, to confess اذعان داشتن اذعان داشتن
aziyat kardan aziyyat kardan to annoy, to irritate, to tease, to tease, to vex اذیت کردن اذیت کردن
ertebāt dādan ertebāt dādan to connect, to link ارتباط دادن ارتباط دادن
ertebāt dāshtan ertebāt dāshtan to be in contact, to connect, to be related, to be linked ارتباط داشتن ارتباط داشتن
ertefā dāshtan ertefā` dāshtan to be high, to have altitude ارتفاع داشتن ارتفا داشتن
erzā kardan erzā kardan to satisfy, to gratify, to please ارضا کردن ارضا کردن
az bar khundan az bar khāndan fig. to recite from memory از بر خواندن از بر خوندن
az pā oftādan az pā oftādan to be exhausted, to be ready to drop from exhaustion از پا افتادن از پا افتادن
az harekat oftādan az harakat oftādan to stop moving, to stop running, to stop working, to stop, to come to a stop از حرکت افتادن از حرکت افتادن
  az khāter bordan to forget از خاطر بردن  
az khāter raftan az khāter raftan to fade from memory, to be forgotten از خاطر رفتن از خاطر رفتن
az khāb bar khāstan az khāb bar khāstan to wake up از خواب بر خاستن از خواب بر خاستن
az khāb parundan az khāb parāndan to cause to wake up suddenly از خواب پراندن از خواب پروندن
az khāb paridan az khāb paridan to wake up suddenly از خواب پریدن از خواب پریدن
az dast dādan az dast dādan fig. to lose از دست دادن از دست دادن
az dast raftan az dast raftan to become lost, to die از دست رفتن از دست رفتن
az ohde bar umadan az `ohde bar āmadan to take care of, to deal with, to be up to the task از عهده بر آمدن از عهده بر اومدن
az ghalam andākhtan az qalam andākhtan to omit, to leave out از قلم انداختن از قلم انداختن
az mod oftādan az mod oftādan to go out of fashion از مد افتادن از مد افتادن
az hush raftan az hush raftan to lose consciousness از هوش رفتن از هوش رفتن
az yād bordan az yād bordan to forget از یاد بردن از یاد بردن
ezdevāj kardan ezdevāj kardan to marry, to get married ازدواج کردن ازدواج کردن
esterāhat kardan esterāhat kardan to rest, to relax, to break; sl. to go for a smoke استراحت کردن استراحت کردن
estefāde shodan estefāde shodan to get used استفاده شدن استفاده شدن
estefāde kardan estefāde kardan to use استفاده کردن استفاده کردن
esteghbāl kardan esteqbāl kardan to greet, to welcome استقبال کردن استقبال کردن
estenshāgh kardan estenshāq kardan to breathe, to inhale, to inhale, to sniff, to snort استنشاق کردن استنشاق کردن
eski-ye sahrānavardi kardan eski-ye sahrānavardi kardan to cross-country ski, to do cross-country skiing اسکی صحرانوردی کردن اسکی صحرانوردی کردن
eski kardan eski kardan to ski, to go skiing اسکی کردن اسکی کردن
eskeit kardan eskayt kardan to skate, to go skating اسکیت کردن اسکیت کردن
asir shodan asir shodan to be taken prisoner, to be captured, to become captive, to be apprehended اسیر شدن اسیر شدن
asir kardan asir kardan to take captive, to take prisoner, to capture, to apprehend اسیر کردن اسیر کردن
eshtebāh dar umadan eshtebāh dar āmadan to turn out wrong, to turn out to be a mistake اشتباه در آمدن اشتباه در اومدن
eshtebāh kardan eshtebāh kardan to make a mistake, to mistake, to stumble, to transgress اشتباه کردن اشتباه کردن
eshtebāh gereftan eshtebāh gereftan to mistake, to confuse اشتباه گرفتن اشتباه گرفتن
ashk rikhtan ashk rikhtan to weep, to cry اشک ریختن اشک ریختن
eshkāl-zodāi kardan eshkāl-zodāi kardan comp. PA. to debug اشکال‌زدایی کردن اشکال‌زدایی کردن
eslā kardan eslāh kardan to reform, to correct, to trim (hair), to shave (beard); obs. to make peace, to reconcile اصلاح کردن اصلا کردن
et`ām kardan et`ām kardan to feed the poor, to treat others to food, to host a charitable feast اطعام کردن اطعام کردن
  ezhār dāshtan lit. to declare, to state اظهار داشتن  
ezhār kardan ezhār kardan to declare, to state, to express اظهار کردن اظهار کردن
eterāz kardan e`terāz kardan to protest, to object اعتراض کردن اتراض کردن
e`terāf kardan e`terāf kardan to admit, to confess اعتراف کردن اعتراف کردن
etesāb kardan e`tesāb kardan to go on strike اعتصاب کردن اعتصاب کردن
etemād dāshtan e`temād dāshtan to trust اعتماد داشتن اعتماد داشتن
etemād kardan e`temād kardan to trust اعتماد کردن اعتماد کردن
e`tiād dāshtan e`tiād dāshtan to be addicted اعتیاد داشتن اعتیاد داشتن
  `etā kardan to grant, to reward, to bestow, to invest with اعطا کردن  
e`lām kardan e`lām kardan to announce, to report, to advertize اعلام کردن اعلام کردن
eghmāz kardan eghmāz kardan lit. to overlook, to forgive اغماض کردن اغماض کردن
afzāyesh yāftan afzāyesh yāftan to increase افزایش یافتن افزایش یافتن
eghāmat dāshtan eqāmat dāshtan to stay, to dwell, to reside, to lodge, to put up, to live اقامت داشتن اقامت داشتن
eghāmat kardan eqāmat kardan to stay, to dwell, to reside, to lodge, to put up, to live اقامت کردن اقامت کردن
eltemās kardan eltemās kardan to entreat, to beseech, to supplicate, to adjure, to beg التماس کردن التماس کردن
emtehān dādan emtehān dādan to take a test, to take an examination امتحان دادن امتحان دادن
emtehān kardan emtehān kardan to give a test, to test, to try out, to try on امتحان کردن امتحان کردن
emtehān gereftan emtehān gereftan to give a test, to give an examination, to test امتحان گرفتن امتحان گرفتن
emtenā kardan emtenā‍` kardan to refuse, to decline, to abstain, to abstain, to resist امتناع کردن امتناع کردن
emrār-e ma`āsh kardan emrār-e ma`āsh kardan to earn a living امرار معاش کردن امرار معاش کردن
emzā kardan emzā kardan to sign, to sign, to endorse, to endorse, to endorse امضاء کردن امضا کردن
omid bastan ommid bastan to pin one's hope (on), to desire امید بستن امید بستن
omid-vār budan ommid-vār budan to hope امیدوار بودن امیدوار بودن
  entekhāb kardan to choose, to select, to vote انتخاب کردن  
entezār dāshtan entezār dāshtan to wait (for), to anticipate انتظار داشتن انتظار داشتن
enteghāl dādan enteqāl dādan to transfer, to transfer, to remove, to shift, to transmit, to transpose, to convey, to communicate, to teach انتقال دادن انتقال دادن
enteghām gereftan enteqām gereftan to take revenge انتقام گرفتن انتقام گرفتن
anjām dādan anjām dādan to do, to carry out, to perform, to accomplish, to complete انجام دادن انجام دادن
anjām shodan anjām shodan to be done, to be carried out, to be finished انجام شدن انجام شدن
anjām yāftan anjām yāftan to be done, to end, to be accomplished انجام یافتن انجام یافتن
andāze gereftan andāze gereftan to measure اندازه گرفتن اندازه گرفتن
ehmāl kardan ehmāl kardan to be derelict اهمال کردن اهمال کردن
isār kardan isār kardan to sacrifice, to dedicate, to abnegate ایثار کردن ایثار کردن
ijād kardan ijād kardan to create, to make, to cause ایجاد کردن ایجاد کردن
irād gereftan irād gereftan to criticize, to criticize, to find fault ایراد گرفتن ایراد گرفتن
bā khabar shodan bā khabar shodan to find out, to be informed با خبر شدن با خبر شدن
bā kalamāt bāzi kardan bā kalamāt bāzi kardan to play with words با کلمات بازی کردن با کلمات بازی کردن
bād-e galu zadan bād-e gelu zadan to burp باد گلو زدن باد گلو زدن
bār kardan bār kardan to load بار کردن بار کردن
vāystādan bāz istādan to stand, to stand up, to stop باز ایستادن وایستادن
bāz dāshtan bāz dāshtan to restrain, to prevent, to prohibit, to inhibit, to dissuade; obs. to withhold; obs. fig. to hide باز داشتن باز داشتن
bāz damidan bāz damidan to exhale باز دمیدن باز دمیدن
bāz shodan bāz shodan to become open, to open, to become clear; comp. to load باز شدن باز شدن
vā kardan bāz kardan to open, to open up, to turn on, to switch on, to remove; fig. to take apart, to unpack, to unpackage; obs. to shave or cut (hair), to pluck (fruit), to prune, to shoo away, to dig, to destroy, to take out باز کردن وا کردن
bāz gozāshtan bāz gozāshtan to leave open, to leave uncovered باز گذاشتن باز گذاشتن
bāz gardundan bāz gardāndan to return, to send back, to take back باز گرداندن باز گردوندن
bāz mundan bāz māndan to remain, to stay on, to stay put, to persist, to endure, to fall behind, to drop behind; obs. to abide, to halt باز ماندن باز موندن
bāz-pardākht kardan bāz-pardākht kardan to pay back, to reimburse بازپرداخت کردن بازپرداخت کردن
bāz-dāsht shodan bāz-dāsht shodan to be arrested, to be detained بازداشت شدن بازداشت شدن
bāz-nevisi kardan bāz-nevisi kardan to copy, to rewrite, to rewrite, to revise, to redact, to edit out بازنویسی کردن بازنویسی کردن
bāzi kardan bāzi kardan to play, to play (with), to play, to play, to play بازی کردن بازی کردن
bāz-yābi kardan bāz-yābi kardan to recycle, to retrieve, to recuperate بازیابی کردن بازیابی کردن
bā`es budan bā`es budan to cause, to occasion, to effect, to effect, to bring about باعث بودن باعث بودن
bāes shodan bā`es shodan to cause, to occasion, to effect, to effect, to bring about باعث شدن باعث شدن
bāghi mundan bāqi māndan to remain, to be left باقی ماندن باقی موندن
bālā āvordan bālā āvardan to bring up, to raise, to vomit, to cough up بالا آوردن بالا آوردن
bālā bordan bālā bordan to carry up, to lift, to raise, to elevate, to hoist; fig. colloq. to augment, to enhance, to upgrade, to increase, to escalate, to up بالا بردن بالا بردن
bālā raftan bālā raftan to rise, to climb, to increase بالا رفتن بالا رفتن
bālā keshidan bālā keshidan to draw upwards, to steal بالا کشیدن بالا کشیدن
bālāns zadan bālāns zadan to stand on one's hands, to stand on one's head بالانس زدن بالانس زدن
bāvar kardan bāvar kardan to believe باور کردن باور کردن
bāygāni kardan bāygāni kardan to file, to archive بایگانی کردن بایگانی کردن
bahs kardan bahs kardan to discuss, to debate, to dispute بحث کردن بحث کردن
bokhār shodan bokhār shodan to evaporate, to evaporate بخار شدن بخار شدن
bukhur gereftan bokhur gereftan to inhale steam بخور گرفتن بوخور گرفتن
bad-gui kardan bad-gui kardan to speak ill (of) بدگویی کردن بدگویی کردن
bar āshoftan bar āshoftan to be irritated, to be angry, to irritate, to make angry بر آشفتن بر آشفتن
bar pā shodan bar pā shodan fig. to be put on, to be held, to be organized, to be set up بر پا شدن بر پا شدن
bar pā kardan bar pā kardan fig. to put on, to hold, to organize, to set up بر پا کردن بر پا کردن
  bar chidan to gather, to pick up, to remove بر چیدن  
bar khāstan bar khāstan to stand up, to rise, to arise, to rise, to happen, to revolt بر خاستن بر خاستن
bar khordan bar khordan to encounter, to run into, to clash, to offend, to be offended بر خوردن بر خوردن
bar dāshtan bar dāshtan to take up, to take out, to grab, to select, to make, to uncover, to enclose, to take on, to take along, to bear, to remove, to develop, to undertake بر داشتن بر داشتن
  bar shomordan to enumerate بر شمردن  
bar taraf shodan bar taraf shodan to move out of the way, to be eliminated, to be taken care of, to be annihilated بر طرف شدن بر طرف شدن
bar taraf kardan bar taraf kardan to eliminate بر طرف کردن بر طرف کردن
bar ohde gereftan bar `ohde gereftan to undertake, to assume responsibility بر عهده گرفتن بر عهده گرفتن
bar gharār shodan bar qarār shodan to be established, to be set up, to be commissioned بر قرار شدن بر قرار شدن
bar gharār kardan bar qarār kardan to establish, to set up, to commission بر قرار کردن بر قرار کردن
bar gardundan bar gardāndan to give back, to return, to remunerate, to rewind, to avert, to turn, to fold, to vomit, to translate, to interpret, to turn upside down بر گرداندن بر گردوندن
bar gozār shodan bar gozār shodan to be held, to be put on, to be staged, to be arranged, to be organized, to be performed, to be performed, to be performed بر گزار شدن بر گزار شدن
bar gozār kardan bar gozār kardan to hold, to put on, to stage, to arrange, to organize, to perform, to perform, to perform بر گزار کردن بر گزار کردن
  bar gozidan to choose, to select بر گزیدن  
bar gashtan bar gashtan to return, to turn back, to turn around بر گشتن بر گشتن
bartari dāshtan bartari dāshtan to be better (than), to be superior (to), to be preferable (to) برتری داشتن برتری داشتن
bar-khord dāshtan bar-khord dāshtan to collide, to clash, to have a run-in (with) برخورد داشتن برخورد داشتن
bar-khord kardan bar-khord kardan to hit (against), to collide, to confront برخورد کردن برخورد کردن
bar-khord-ār budan bar-khord-ār budan to enjoy, to have, to benefit (from) برخوردار بودن برخوردار بودن
bar-resi kardan bar-rasi kardan to examine, to examine, to assess, to consider, to peruse, to scrutinize, to scrutinize, to probe, to investigate, inquire into, to explore, to inspect بررسی کردن بررسی کردن
boresh dādan boresh dādan to slice, to cut, to slit, to make an incision برش دادن برش دادن
bereshte kardan bereshte kardan to roast, to toast, to scorch برشته کردن برشته کردن
barnāme-rizi kardan barnāme-rizi kardan to plan, to organize برنامه‌ریزی کردن برنامه‌ریزی کردن
boruz kardan boruz kardan to emerge, to appear, to manifest itself بروز کردن بروز کردن
bozorg shodan bozorg shodan to grow, to grow up, to become large, to get big بزرگ شدن بزرگ شدن
be-zur gereftan be-zur gereftan to extort, to commandeer بزور گرفتن بزور گرفتن
bas kardan bas kardan to stop, to put an end to, to quit, to call it enough, to have enough of بس کردن بس کردن
bastari shodan bastari shodan to become bed-ridden بستری شدن بستری شدن
bastegi dāshtan bastegi dāshtan to be dependent, to depend, to have to do (with) بستگی داشتن بستگی داشتن
baste-bandi kardan baste-bandi kardan to wrap, to package بسته‌بندی کردن بسته‌بندی کردن
be-kār zur āvordan be-kār zur āvardan to exert oneself, to work hard بکار زور آوردن بکار زور آوردن
boks-bāzi kardan boks-bāzi kardan to box, to do boxing بکس‌بازی کردن بکس‌بازی کردن
begu-magu kardan begu-magu kardan to bicker, to argue بگومگو کردن بگومگو کردن
balad budan balad budan to know, to know how بلد بودن بلد بودن
balad shodan balad shodan to learn بلد شدن بلد شدن
bolan shodan boland shodan to stand up, to get up, to rise, to be lifted, to be raised, to become tall, to become long, to become high, to become loud, to become intense, to come into existence, to become erect بلند شدن بلن شدن
bolan kardan boland kardan to raise, to elevate, to erect, to wake up, to heighten; colloq. to remove, to steal, to pick up, to seduce بلند کردن بلن کردن
  boland-o kutāh kardan colloq. fig. to care for a sick person, to act as a nurse بلند و کوتاه کردن  
banā budan banā budan to be supposed (to), to be agreed (to) بنا بودن بنا بودن
bu az khod dar kardan bu az khod dar kardan to fart بو از خود در کردن بو از خود در کردن
bu dādan bu dādan to smell, to smell بو دادن بو دادن
bu kardan bu kardan to sniff بو کردن بو کردن
bugh zadan buq zadan to honk, to honk, to sound بوق زدن بوق زدن
be anjām resundan be anjām resāndan to finish, to complete, to carry out به انجام رساندن به انجام رسوندن
be anjām residan be anjām residan to be finished, to be completed, to end, to be carried out به انجام رسیدن به انجام رسیدن
be bāzār umadan be bāzār āmadan to become available for purchase, to hit the market به بازار آمدن به بازار اومدن
be bargh zadan be barq zadan to plug in (an electrical cord) به برق زدن به برق زدن
be bargh vasl kardan be barq vasl kardan to plug in (an electrical cord) به برق وصل کردن به برق وصل کردن
pā kardan be pā kardan to put on (the feet), to create به پا کردن پا کردن
be pā neveshtan be pā neveshtan to credit, to accredit, to charge, to blame به پا نوشتن به پا نوشتن
be pāyān residan be pāyān residan to end, to be over, to come to an end به پایان رسیدن به پایان رسیدن
be periz zadan be periz zadan to plug in (an electrical cord) به پریز زدن به پریز زدن
be jā āvordan be jā āvardan to recognize, to place, to perform, to do به جا آوردن به جا آوردن
be chang āvordan be chang āvardan to take a hold of, to seize به چنگ آوردن به چنگ آوردن
be chizi bastan be chizi bastan to tie to something; fig. to feed one food continuously, to eat one food continuously, to subject to continuously به چیزی بستن به چیزی بستن
be hāshie rundan be hāshie rāndan to sideline به حاشیه راندن به حاشیه روندن
be harekat dar umadan be harakat dar āmadan to begin moving, to start functioning, to start به حرکت در آمدن به حرکت در اومدن
  be harakat dar āvardan to put into motion, to start, to put into operation به حرکت در آوردن  
  be khāter sepordan to memorize به خاطر سپردن  
be kharj dādan be kharj dādan to show, to display, to demonstrate, to use به خرج دادن به خرج دادن
be khik bastan be khikk bastan fig. to feed someone much of one item, to load up oneself on one food, to heap something on someone به خیک بستن به خیک بستن
be dard āvordan be dard āvardan to cause pain, to hurt به درد آوردن به درد آوردن
be dard khordan be dard khordan fig. to be useful, to serve a purpose به درد خوردن به درد خوردن
be dast āvordan be dast āvardan to obtain به دست آوردن به دست آوردن
be donyā umadan be donyā āmadan to be born, to come into the world به دنیا آمدن به دنیا اومدن
be rasmiyat shenākhtan be rasmiyyat shenākhtan to officially recognize به رسمیت شناختن به رسمیت شناختن
  be ru-ye khod āvardan to ignore, to pretend to not see or hear به روی خود آوردن  
  be ru-ye kasi āvardan to refrain from mentioning, to be discreet به روی کسی آوردن  
be zabān āvordan be zabān āvardan to mention, to cause to speak به زبان آوردن به زبان آوردن
be sazā resundan be sazā resāndan to punish به سزا رساندن به سزا رسوندن
be sazā residan be sazā residan to be punished, to receive punishment به سزا رسیدن به سزا رسیدن
be safar raftan be safar raftan to go on a trip, to take a trip به سفر رفتن به سفر رفتن
salmuni raftan be salmāni raftan to get a hair cut به سلمانی رفتن سلمونی رفتن
be sen residan be senn residan to reach the age of n, to turn n به سن رسیدن به سن رسیدن
be shomār raftan be shomār raftan to be considered به شمار رفتن به شمار رفتن
be saf istādan be saff istādan to stand in line به صف ایستادن به صف ایستادن
be tul anjāmidan be tul anjāmidan to take long, to take a long time به طول انجامیدن به طول انجامیدن
be amal āvordan be `amal āvardan to implement, to grow به عمل آوردن به عمل آوردن
be ohde gereftan be `ohde gereftan to undertake, to assume responsibility به عهده گرفتن به عهده گرفتن
  be farāmushi sepordan to forget به فراموشی سپردن  
be forush-gāh raftan be forush-gāh raftan to go to the store, to go to the market, to go shopping به فروشگاه رفتن به فروشگاه رفتن
be fekr budan be fekr budan to be thinking (of) به فکر بودن به فکر بودن
be falak bastan be falak bastan to bastinado, to flog the soles of the feet به فلک بستن به فلک بستن
  be qatl resāndan to kill به قتل رساندن  
be kasi umadan be kasi āmadan to become someone, to befit someone, to suit someone به کسی آمدن به کسی اومدن
be kasi yā chizi khordan be kasi yā chizi khordan to bump into, to hit against, to fall on, to suit به کسی یا چیزی خوردن به کسی یا چیزی خوردن
be kasi yā chizi āshegh shodan be kasi yā chizi `āsheq shodan to fall in love with someone or something به کسی یا چیزی عاشق شدن به کسی یا چیزی شدن
be keifar resundan be kayfar resāndan to punish, to exact retribution به کیفر رساندن به کیفر رسوندن
be keifar residan be kayfar residan to be punished به کیفر رسیدن به کیفر رسیدن
be nazar umadan be nazar āmadan to come into view, to appear, to seem به نظر آمدن به نظر اومدن
be nazar residan be nazar residan to come into view, to appear, to seem به نظر رسیدن به نظر رسیدن
be vojud umadan be vojud āmadan to come into existence, to appear به وجود آمدن به وجود اومدن
be vojud āvordan be vojud āvardan to bring into existence, to bring about, to create, to produce به وجود آوردن به وجود آوردن
be hadar dādan be hadar dādan to waste, to squander به هدر دادن به هدر دادن
be hadar raftan be hadar raftan to go to waste, to be destroyed, to be lost, to disappear به هدر رفتن به هدر رفتن
be hush umadan be hush āmadan to regain consciousness به هوش آمدن به هوش اومدن
be hush āvordan be hush āvardan to bring around به هوش آوردن به هوش آوردن
be hayejān umadan be hayajān āmadan fig. to become excited, to be provoked به هیجان آمدن به هیجان اومدن
be hayejān āvordan be hayajān āvardan fig. to excite, to agitate, to thrill, to move به هیجان آوردن به هیجان آوردن
be hayejān andākhtan be hayajān andākhtan fig. to excite, to agitate, to thrill, to move به هیجان انداختن به هیجان انداختن
be hayejān dar umadan be hayajān dar āmadan fig. to become excited, to be provoked به هیجان در آمدن به هیجان در اومدن
be yād āvordan be yād āvardan to remind به یاد آوردن به یاد آوردن
be-sar bordan be-sar bordan to spend time, to live (in), to languish, to endure به‌سر بردن به‌سر بردن
be-kār bordan be-kār bordan to use به‌کار بردن به‌کار بردن
be-ham khordan be-ham khordan to crash into one another, to collide; fig. to to fall into disarray, to become a mess, to fall apart به‌هم خوردن به‌هم خوردن
be-ham rikhtan be-ham rikhtan to become mixed together, to become dissolved, to fall apart, to fall upon one another, to fall into disorder, to pour together, to cancel, to disrupt, to cause to fall into disorder به‌هم ریختن به‌هم ریختن
be-ham zadan be-ham zadan to beat together, to mix up, to get together; fig. to come up with, to find, to upset, to cancel, to disrupt, to cause to fall into disorder به‌هم زدن به‌هم زدن
be-yād dāshtan be-yād dāshtan to remember به‌یاد داشتن به‌یاد داشتن
bayān kardan bayān kardan to express, to indicate, to state, to explain بیان کردن بیان کردن
bi-bāki neshun dādan bi-bāki neshān dādan to act fearlessly, to show dauntlessness, to be daring; obs. to show indescretion بی‌باکی نشان دادن بی‌باکی نشون دادن
bi-puli keshidan bi-puli keshidan to be penniless بی‌پولی کشیدن بی‌پولی کشیدن
bi-khiāl shodan bi-khiāl shodan to be unconcerned, to give up the thought بی‌خیال شدن بی‌خیال شدن
bidār shodan bidār shodan to wake up بیدار شدن بیدار شدن
bidār kardan bidār kardan to wake up someone بیدار کردن بیدار کردن
birun umadan birun āmadan to come out, to come forth, to be published, to be produced بیرون آمدن بیرون اومدن
  birun paridan to jump out, to fly out بیرون پریدن  
birun zadan birun zadan to pop out, to make a sudden exit, to go outside بیرون زدن بیرون زدن
birun keshidan birun keshidan to pull out, to remove; obs. to go out بیرون کشیدن بیرون کشیدن
bi-gharāri kardan bi-qarāri kardan to be restless بی‌قراری کردن بی‌قراری کردن
bimār budan bimār budan to be sick بیمار بودن بیمار بودن
bimār shodan bimār shodan to get sick بیمار شدن بیمار شدن
bimār kardan bimār kardan to make sick, to make ill, to sicken بیمار کردن بیمار کردن
bi-mahal kardan bi-mahall kardan to ignore بی‌محل کردن بی‌محل کردن
bi-mahalli kardan bi-mahalli kardan to ignore بی‌محلی کردن بی‌محلی کردن
pā be jahān gozāshtan pā be jahān gozāshtan fig. to be born, to come into the world پا به جهان گذاشتن پا به جهان گذاشتن
pā be donyā gozāshtan pā be donyā gozashtan fig. to be born, to come into the world پا به دنیا گذشتن پا به دنیا گذاشتن
pā be senn gozāshtan pā be senn gozāshtan fig. to grow older, to reach a certain age, to turn age n پا به سن گذاشتن پا به سن گذاشتن
pā be arse-ye vojud gozāshtan pā be `arse-ye vojud gozāshtan fig. to be born, to come into the world پا به عرصهٔ وجود گذاشتن پا به عرسهٔ وجود گذاشتن
pā dar miun gozāshtan pā dar miān gozāshtan to intercede, to intervene, to mediate پا در میان گذاشتن پا در میون گذاشتن
pā dar miuni kardan pā dar miāni kardan colloq. fig. to go between, to intercede, to intervene, to mediate, to arbitrate پا در میانی کردن پا در میونی کردن
pā shodan pā shodan to rise to one's feet, to get up پا شدن پا شدن
pādāsh dādan pādāsh dādan to reward, to give in return پاداش دادن پاداش دادن
pāre shodan pāre shodan to be torn, to be ripped پاره شدن پاره شدن
pāre kardan pāre kardan to tear, to rip, to tear to pieces, to rip apart پاره کردن پاره کردن
  pās dādan to keep watch, to guard, to pass پاس دادن  
pāsokh dādan pāsokh dādan to answer پاسخ دادن پاسخ دادن
pāk kardan pāk kardan to clean, to cleanse, to purify, to settle, to wipe, to erase پاک کردن پاک کردن
pānch kardan pānch kardan to punch holes (in paper), to use a hole-punch پانچ کردن پانچ کردن
pā-ye hesāb neveshtan pā-ye hesāb neveshtan to credit, to accredit, to charge, to blame پای حساب نوشتن پای حساب نوشتن
pāy-mardi kardan pāy-mardi kardan to help, to succor, to support پای‌مردی کردن پای‌مردی کردن
pāin āvordan pāin āvardan to bring down, to lower پایین آوردن پایین آوردن
pech-pech kardan pech-pech kardan to whisper پچ‌پچ کردن پچ‌پچ کردن
pokht-o paz kardan pokht-o paz kardan colloq. to cook پخت‌و پز کردن پخت‌و پز کردن
por kardan por kardan to fill, to fill up, to pile up, to tank up, to lay in a store, to do fully, to do to the maximum extent, to complete, to saturate, to make replete پر کردن پر کردن
parākande shodan parākande shodan to disperse, to get dispersed, to circulate, to diffuse, to permeate, to effuse پراکنده شدن پراکنده شدن
parākande kardan parākande kardan to disperse, to disperse, to diffuse, to effuse پراکنده کردن پراکنده کردن
part shodan part shodan to be tossed, to be sent flying پرت شدن پرت شدن
part kardan part kardan to toss, to send flying پرت کردن پرت کردن
partāb shodan partāb shodan to be thrown, to be shot, to be launched پرتاب شدن پرتاب شدن
partāb kardan partāb kardan to throw, to shoot, to launch پرتاب کردن پرتاب کردن
pardāzesh kardan pardāzesh kardan comp. to process (data), to crunch (numbers) پردازش کردن پردازش کردن
porsesh kardan porsesh kardan to ask, to inquire پرسش کردن پرسش کردن
parvāne gereftan parvāne gereftan to catch butterflies پروانه گرفتن پروانه گرفتن
parvaresh dādan parvaresh dādan to foster, to nourish, to train پرورش دادن پرورش دادن
parvande tashkil dādan parvande tashkil dādan to create a file, to prepare a file پرونده تشکیل دادن پرونده تشکیل دادن
parvande sākhtan parvande sākhtan to fabricate a case, to frame پرونده ساختن پرونده ساختن
parvande-sāzi kardan parvande-sāzi kardan to fabricate a case, to frame پرونده‌سازی کردن پرونده‌سازی کردن
parhiz dāshtan parhiz dāshtan to avoid, to abstain پرهیز داشتن پرهیز داشتن
parishān shodan parishān shodan to become disordered; obs. to become disheveled; fig. to become distressed, to become upset پریشان شدن پریشان شدن
parishān kardan parishān kardan to put in disorder, to dishevel; fig. to put in distress, to upset پریشان کردن پریشان کردن
pazhuhesh kardan pezhuhesh kardan to research, to research, to search, to investigate, to inquire پژوهش کردن پژوهش کردن
pas dādan pas dādan to give back, to return, to leak, to ooze out; colloq. to spit back, to regurge (memorized info) پس دادن پس دادن
pas gereftan pas gereftan to take back پس گرفتن پس گرفتن
past kardan past kardan to debase, to degrade, to ruin, to kill پست کردن پست کردن
  pasand āmadan obs. to like, to find pleasing پسند آمدن  
  pasand oftādan obs to like; obs. to find pleasing پسند افتادن  
  pasand kardan to like, to favor, to admire, to prefer; obs. to choose, to select پسند کردن  
posht-e sar gozāshtan posht-e sar gozāshtan fig. to experience, to have under one's belt پشت سر گذاشتن پشت سر گذاشتن
posht-e pā khordan posht-e pā khordan to trip, to stumble, to have an accident; fig. to be tripped up پشت‌ِپا خوردن پشت‌ِپا خوردن
posht-e pā zadan posht-e pā zadan to trip; fig. to renounce, to ruin پشت‌ِپا زدن پشت‌ِپا زدن
posht-kār dāshtan posht-kār dāshtan to have stamina, to have staying power, to have drive, to persevere, to persist پشت‌کار داشتن پشت‌کار داشتن
pashimun budan pashimān budan to regret, to repent پشیمان بودن پشیمان بودن
pashimun shodan pashimān shodan to regret, to repent پشیمان شدن پشیمون شدن
pambe-zani kardan panbe-zani kardan to gin, to comb cotton, to card cotton پنبه‌زنی کردن پنبه‌زنی کردن
penhun shodan panhān shodan to hide, to go into hiding پنهان شدن پنهون شدن
penhun kardan panhān kardan to conceal پنهان کردن پنهون کردن
puzesh khāstan puzesh khāstan to seek forgiveness, to apologize پوزش خواستن پوزش خواستن
pust kandan pust kandan to skin; fig. to fleece, to take to the cleaners پوست کندن پوست کندن
pul-e chāi dādan pul-e chāy dādan to give a tip, to tip پول چای دادن پول چایی دادن
pul kharj kardan pul kharj kardan to spend money پول خرج کردن پول خرج کردن
pul-e khord dāshtan pul-e khord dāshtan to have change, to have small bills پول خرد داشتن پول خرد داشتن
pul dādan pul dādan to pay, to pay money پول دادن پول دادن
pul dur rikhtan pul dur rikhtan fig. to waste money, to throw away good money پول دور ریختن پول دور ریختن
pul hadar dādan pul hadar dādan to waste money پول هدر دادن پول هدر دادن
pei bordan pay bordan to find out, to figure out, to discover, to become aware of, to notice, to perceive, to perceive, to understand پی بردن پی بردن
pei gereftan pay gereftan to pursue, to search (for), to keep after, to track down پی گرفتن پی گرفتن
piāde raftan piāde raftan to walk, to go on foot پیاده رفتن پیاده رفتن
piāde shodan piāde shodan to dismount, to disembark, to get off, to get out, to get down; colloq. fig. to be implemented, to be carried out پیاده شدن پیاده شدن
piāde kardan piāde kardan to unload, to let off (passengers), to dismantle, to disassemble, to overhaul, to carry out, to implement پیاده کردن پیاده کردن
piāno zadan piāno zadan to play the piano پیانو زدن پیانو زدن
pich-o tāb khordan pich-o tāb khordan to twist پیچ‌وتاب خوردن پیچ‌وتاب خوردن
peidā kardan paydā kardan to find, to acquire, to obtain, to get, to develop; obs. to discover, to reveal, to cause to appear, to show پیدا کردن پیدا کردن
pish-nahād shodan pish-nahād shodan to be offered پیش‌نهاد شدن پیش‌نهاد شدن
pish-nahād kardan pish-nahād kardan to bring up, to propose, to propose, to nominate, to nominate, to recommend, to recommend, to make a motion, to bid, to outbid, to outbid, to submit, to offer, to put forward, to present, to offer پیش‌نهاد کردن پیش‌نهاد کردن
pei-giri shodan pay-giri shodan to be followed-up, to be looked into, to be investigated پی‌گیری شدن پی‌گیری شدن
pei-giri kardan pay-giri kardan to follow, to follow up, to go after, to persist پی‌گیری کردن پی‌گیری کردن
tāb āvordan tāb āvardan to bear, to withstand, to tolerate, to resist تاب آوردن تاب آوردن
tākht-o tāz kardan tākht-o tāz kardan to raid, to invade, to attack, to pillage تاخت‌و تاز کردن تاخت‌و تاز کردن
tāziāne khordan tāziāne khordan to be whipped, to receive lashes, to get a flogging تازیانه خوردن تازیانه خوردن
tāziāne zadan tāziāne zadan to whip, to lash, to flog تازیانه زدن تازیانه زدن
tāyp kardan tāyp kardan to type تایپ کردن تایپ کردن
ta'sir gozāshtan ta'sir gozāshtan to influence, to affect تأثیر گذاشتن تأثیر گذاشتن
ta'adib kardan ta'adib kardan to teach manners, to instill with culture, to punish, to correct تأدیب کردن تأدیب کردن
ta'kid dāshtan ta'kid dāshtan to have an emphasis (on), to emphasize تأکید داشتن تأکید داشتن
ta'kid kardan ta'kid kardan to stress, to emphasize, to affirm تأکید کردن تأکید کردن
ta'ammol kardan ta'ammol kardan to think, to reflect, to deliberate, to pause تأمل کردن تأمل کردن
tabdil shodan tabdil shodan to change, to change تبدیل شدن تبدیل شدن
tabdil kardan tabdil kardan to change, to change over, to convert, to exchange, to transform, to transform, to transform, to replace تبدیل کردن تبدیل کردن
tatabbo` kardan tatabbo` kardan lit. to research, to research, to search, to investigate تتبع کردن تتبع کردن
tajāvoz be kasi yā chizi kardan tajāvoz be kasi yā chizi kardan to violate, to infringe, to transgress, to transgress, to attack, to assault, to rape تجاوز به کسی یا چیزی کردن تجاوز به کسی یا چیزی کردن
tajrobe kardan tajrebe kardan to experience, to experience; obs. to test تجربه کردن تجربه کردن
tajzie kardan tajzie kardan to analyze, to to examine, to test, to break down تجزیه کردن تجزیه کردن
tajzie-o tahlil kardan tajzie-o tahlil kardan to analyze, to perform an analysis تجزیه‌وتحلیل کردن تجزیه‌وتحلیل کردن
taht-e farmun dāshtan taht-e farmān dāshtan to command تحت فرمان داشتن تحت فرمون داشتن
tahsil kardan tahsil kardan to study, to study, to learn, to gain, to obtain تحصیل کردن تحصیل کردن
tahghigh kardan tahqiq kardan to research, to research, to search, to investigate, to inquire; obs. to ascertain, to verify تحقیق کردن تحقیق کردن
tahlil kardan tahlil kardan to analyze, to investigate, to break down تحلیل کردن تحلیل کردن
tahammol dāshtan tahammol dāshtan to have forbearance, to have patience, to endure, to bear تحمل داشتن تحمل داشتن
tahammol kardan tahammol kardan to tolerate, to bear, to stand, to put up (with) تحمل کردن تحمل کردن
tahmil kardan tahmil kardan to impose تحمیل کردن تحمیل کردن
  tahvil dādan to hand over, to deliver تحویل دادن  
takhfif dādan takhfif dādan to give a discount, to reduce, to cut down تخفیف دادن تخفیف دادن
takhfif gereftan takhfif gereftan to get a discount, to receive a price reduction تخفیف گرفتن تخفیف گرفتن
  tokhm pāshidan to plant, to seed, to scatter seeds, to sow تخم پاشیدن  
tadbir kardan tadbir kardan to devise, to figure out; obs. to advise تدبیر کردن تدبیر کردن
tazakkor dādan tazakkor dādan to remind, to caution تذکر دادن تذکر دادن
tarāvosh kardan tarāvosh kardan to exude, to secrete تراوش کردن تراوش کردن
tarjome shodan tarjome shodan to become translated, to be translated ترجمه شدن ترجمه شدن
tarjome kardan tarjome kardan to translate ترجمه کردن ترجمه کردن
tarjih dādan tarjih dādan to prefer, to prefer, to prefer, to like, to incline ترجیح دادن ترجیح دادن
tark kardan tark kardan to renounce, to give up, to abandon, to leave, to leave, to give up, to give up, to give up, to relinquish, to renounce, to leave, to depart, to leave, to quit, to go away ترک کردن ترک کردن
tarkib shodan tarkib shodan to be mixed, to be combined, to mix, to combine ترکیب شدن ترکیب شدن
tarkib kardan tarkib kardan to mix, to combine, to compound, to amalgamate, to put together ترکیب کردن ترکیب کردن
tormoz zadan tormoz zadan to brake, to brake; fig. to stop, to stop quickly ترمز زدن ترمز زدن
tormoz kardan tormoz kardan to brake, to brake; fig. to stop ترمز کردن ترمز کردن
tazrigh shodan tazriq shodan to be injected, to be infused تزریق شدن تزریق شدن
tazrigh kardan tazriq kardan to inject, to infuse تزریق کردن تزریق کردن
tazvir kardan tazvir kardan to dissimulate تزویر کردن تزویر کردن
tashrih kardan tashrih kardan to describe, to explain, to analyze تشریح کردن تشریح کردن
tashrif āvordan tashrif āvardan to come تشریف آوردن تشریف آوردن
tashakkor kardan tashakkor kardan to thank تشکر کردن تشکر کردن
tashkil dādan tashkil dādan to form, to put together, to organize تشکیل دادن تشکیل دادن
teshne budan teshne budan to be thirsty تشنه بودن تشنه بودن
tashvigh kardan tashviq kardan to encourage, to commendate, to applaud تشویق کردن تشویق کردن
tasādof kardan tasādof kardan to collide (with), to crash (into), to get into an accident تصادف کردن تصادف کردن
tasi kardan tashih kardan to correct, to edit, to revise, to proofread, to check, to amend, to authenticate تصحیح کردن تصی کردن
tasmim ettekhāz kardan tasmim ettekhāz kardan to decide تصمیم اتخاذ کردن تصمیم اتخاذ کردن
tasmim gereftan tasmim gereftan to decide تصمیم گرفتن تصمیم گرفتن
  tasmim yāftan obs. to decide تصمیم یافتن  
tasavvor kardan tasavvor kardan to imagine, to picture, to suppose تصور کردن تصور کردن
tazmin shodan tazmin shodan to be guaranteed, to be guaranteed, to be undertaken, to be warranted, to be certified; lit. to get poetically inserted تضمین شدن تضمین شدن
tazmin kardan tazmin kardan to guarantee, to guarantee, to undertake, to warrant, to certify; lit. to make a poetical insertion تضمین کردن تضمین کردن
tazāhor kardan tazāhor kardan to pretend, to appear تظاهر کردن تظاهر کردن
ta`ārof shodan ta`ārof shodan to be offered تعارف شدن تعارف شدن
tārof kardan ta`ārof kardan to be polite, to stand on ceremony, to compliment, to use flattery, to act reserved, to serve, to offer, to present gifts تعارف کردن تارف کردن
tabir kardan ta`bir kardan to interpret, to explain, to construct تعبیر کردن تبیر کردن
ta`addi kardan ta`addi kardan to tyrannize, to oppress, to transgress, to encroach, to invade تعدی کردن تعدی کردن
tarif kardan ta`rif kardan to describe, to praise, to explain تعریف کردن تعریف کردن
ta`til shodan ta`til shodan to be suspended, to go on break, to close down تعطیل شدن تعطیل شدن
taghib kardan ta`qib kardan to follow, to pursue, to chase, to prosecute, to sue تعقیب کردن تعقیب کردن
ta`allogh dāshtan ta`alloq dāshtan to belong تعلق داشتن تعلق داشتن
ta`allogh gereftan ta`alloq gereftan to accrue, to go (to) تعلق گرفتن تعلق گرفتن
tain kardan ta`in kardan to designate, to settle تعیین کردن تعیین کردن
taghzie kardan taghziye kardan to eat, to feed, to nourish, to feed in, to introduce continuously تغذیه کردن تغذیه کردن
taghir dādan taghir dādan to change, to exchange, to switch over, to swap, to alter تغییر دادن تغییر دادن
taghir kardan taghir kardan to change, to exchange, to switch over, to swap, to alter, to change, to change, to change تغییر کردن تغییر کردن
tof andākhtan tof andākhtan to spit تف انداختن تف انداختن
tafsir kardan tafsir kardan to explain, to explicate, to interpret, to give commentary تفسیر کردن تفسیر کردن
tafakkor kardan tafakkor kardan to cogitate, to reflect, to meditate تفکر کردن تفکر کردن
taghāzā kardan taqāzā kardan to request, to appeal, to beseech, to apply تقاضا کردن تقاضا کردن
taghdim kardan taqdim kardan to present, to offer, to offer, to offer, to dedicate, to present, to present, to present, to submit, to put forward تقدیم کردن تقدیم کردن
taghsim kardan taqsim kardan to divide, to distribute تقسیم کردن تقسیم کردن
taghsir kardan taqsir kardan to neglect, to perform the taqsir ritual تقصیر کردن تقصیر کردن
taghallā kardan taqallā kardan colloq. to struggle, to strive, to scramble, to flounder تقلا کردن تقلا کردن
tak-ā-pu kardan tak-ā-pu kardan to struggle, to hustle and bustle, to scramble تکاپو کردن تکاپو کردن
tekun khordan takān khordan to move, to tremble; fig. to fear, to realize تکان خوردن تکون خوردن
tekun dādan takān dādan to move, to jar; fig. to jolt, to awaken, to shake تکان دادن تکون دادن
tekrār kardan tekrār kardan to repeat تکرار کردن تکرار کردن
takmil kardan takmil kardan to complete, to make perfect تکمیل کردن تکمیل کردن
talāsh kardan talāsh kardan to try, to struggle, to strive, to endeavor, to labor تلاش کردن تلاش کردن
talaffoz kardan talaffoz kardan to pronounce, to utter, to enunciate, to sound تلفظ کردن تلفظ کردن
telefon zadan telefon zadan to telephone تلفن زدن تلفن زدن
telefon kardan telefon kardan to telephone تلفن کردن تلفن کردن
talaghghi shodan talaqqi shodan to be considered (as), to be considered (as) تلقی شدن تلقی شدن
talaghghi kardan talaqqi kardan to regard (as), to interpret (as) تلقی کردن تلقی کردن
tolombe zadan tolombe zadan to pump تلمبه زدن تلمبه زدن
tamāshā kardan tamāshā kardan to watch; obs. to sightsee تماشا کردن تماشا کردن
tamum shodan tamām shodan to become complete, to be finished, to end, to become used up, to become exhausted, to cost تمام شدن تموم شدن
tamum kardan tamām kardan to finish, to use up; fig. to finish off, to die تمام کردن تموم کردن
tamāyol dāshtan tamāyol dāshtan to be inclined (to), to lean تمایل داشتن تمایل داشتن
  tamāyol dāshtan to be inclined (to), to lean تمایل داشتن  
tamarkoz kardan tamarkoz kardan colloq. to concentrate تمرکز کردن تمرکز کردن
tamrin kardan tamrin kardan to practice, to exercise, to drill تمرین کردن تمرین کردن
tamannā kardan tamannā kardan to entreat, to supplicate, to request; obs. to wish for, to want تمنا کردن تمنا کردن
tamiz kardan tamiz kardan to clean, to dust, to tidy, to rinse, to cleanse; obs. to discern تمیز کردن تمیز کردن
tan kardan tan kardan to put on (clothing) تن کردن تن کردن
tambih kardan tanbih kardan to punish; obs. to inform تنبیه کردن تنبیه کردن
tanaffos kardan tanaffos kardan to breathe تنفس کردن تنفس کردن
tane zadan tane zadan to bump (against), to hit, to jostle تنه زدن تنه زدن
tenis bāzi kardan tenis bāzi kardan to play tennis تنیس بازی کردن تنیس بازی کردن
tenis zadan tenis zadan colloq. to play tennis تنیس زدن تنیس زدن
tenis-bāzi kardan tenis-bāzi kardan o.fshd. to play tennis تنیس‌بازی کردن تنیس‌بازی کردن
tovālet dāshtan tovālet dāshtan euph. to have to go to the bathroom, to need to use the toilet, to need to use the restroom توالت داشتن توالت داشتن
tovālet raftan tovālet raftan euph. to go to the bathroom, to use the toilet, to use the restroom توالت رفتن توالت رفتن
tovālet kardan tovālet kardan to put on make-up, to put on cosmetics توالت کردن توالت کردن
towbe kardan tawbe kardan to repent, to regret, to vow توبه کردن توبه کردن
tup bāzi kardan tup bāzi kardan colloq. to play very well توپ بازی کردن توپ بازی کردن
tupp-e tenis ro be divār zadan tupp-e tenis rā be divār zadan to hit a tennis ball against the wall توپ تنیس را به دیوار زدن توپ تنیس رو به دیوار زدن
tup-bāzi kardan tup-bāzi kardan to play ball توپ‌بازی کردن توپ‌بازی کردن
  tavajjoh kardan to pay attention, to be attentive, to concentrate, to care, to see to the needs (of), to show favor توجه کردن  
toji kardan tawjih kardan to justify, to explain away, to explain توجیه کردن توجی کردن
tozi shodan tawzi` shodan to be distributed, to be passed out, to be handed out توزیع شدن توزی شدن
tozi kardan tawzi` kardan to distribute, to pass out, to hand out توزیع کردن توزیع کردن
tu-sari khordan tu-sari khordan to suffer a beating on the head; fig. to be subjected to demeaning treatment, to be the object of humiliation توسری خوردن توسری خوردن
tu-sari zadan tu-sari zadan to hit someone on the head; fig. to demean, to put down, to humiliate توسری زدن توسری زدن
tose dādan tawse`e dādan to widen, to expand, to develop توسعه دادن توسه دادن
tosif kardan tawsif kardan to describe توصیف کردن توصیف کردن
tosie kardan tawsie kardan to recommend, to advise, to counsel توصیه کردن توصیه کردن
tozi dādan tawzih dādan to explain توضیح دادن توضی دادن
towfir kardan tawfir kardan to differ; obs. to gain, to increase توفیر کردن توفیر کردن
towlid shodan tawlid shodan to be created, to be created, to be created, to be produced, to be brought about, to be produced, to be produced, to be generated, to be generated, to get produced تولید شدن تولید شدن
towlid kardan tawlid kardan to create, to create, to create, to produce, to bring about, to produce, to produce, to generate, to generate, to produce تولید کردن تولید کردن
towlid-e mesl kardan tawlid-e mesl kardan to reproduce, to breed تولید مثل کردن تولید مثل کردن
tavahhom dāshtan tavahhom dāshtan to have illusions, to suffer from delusions, to hallucinate; obs. to fear توهم داشتن توهم داشتن
tavahhom kardan tavahhom kardan obs. to imagine to hear or see things, to see illusions, to delude oneself, to hallucinate توهم کردن توهم کردن
towhin kardan tawhin kardan to insult, to offend; obs. to bring down, to weaken توهین کردن توهین کردن
tah keshidan tah keshidan to be spent, to get consumed, to be over ته کشیدن ته کشیدن
tohi shodan tahi shodan to become empty, to run out, to get used up, to become exhausted تهی شدن تهی شدن
tigh zadan tigh zadan to strike with a sword; fig. to milk, to swindle تیغ زدن تیغ زدن
sābet kardan sābet kardan to prove, to establish, to fix, to stabilize ثابت کردن ثابت کردن
sobāt dāshtan sabāt dāshtan to be steady, to exhibit constancy, to remain steadfast ثبات داشتن ثبات داشتن
sabt-e nām kardan sabt-e nām kardan to register, to enlist ثبت‌نام کردن ثبت‌نام کردن
jā oftādan jā oftādan to be omitted from a text, to be completely ready (food), to stand (rice), to set (bone), to settle into place; colloq. to become understood, to take hold جا افتادن جا افتادن
jā gozāshtan jā gozāshtan to leave behind, to forget, to outdistance, to leave some space, to skip a space, to indent جا گذاشتن جا گذاشتن
jā gereftan jā gereftan to sit down, to fit, to reserve, to reserve; fig. to take root, to catch on جا گرفتن جا گرفتن
  jā-be-jā kardan to move, to shift, to reposition جابه‌جا کردن  
  jāru kardan to sweep, to clean جارو کردن  
jun gereftan jān gereftan to regain vigor, to take a life جان گرفتن جون گرفتن
jodā shodan jodā shodan to be separated, to depart, to separate, to get divorced جدا شدن جدا شدن
jodā kardan jodā kardan to separate, to disconnect, to sever, to divide, to seclude جدا کردن جدا کردن
jed-o jahd kardan jedd-o jahd kardan to try, to struggle, to strive, to endeavor, to labor جدو جهد کردن جدو جهد کردن
jor'at be kharj dādan jor'at be kharj dādan to summon up the courage needed, to brave, to dare جرأت به خرج دادن جرأت به خرج دادن
jor'at dāshtan jor'at dāshtan to have courage, to be daring جرأت داشتن جرأت داشتن
jor'at kardan jor'at kardan to summon up the courage needed, to brave, to dare جرأت کردن جرأت کردن
jor'at be kharj dādan jor'at be kharj dādan to summon up the courage needed, to brave, to dare جرئت به خرج دادن جرئت به خرج دادن
jor'at dāshtan jor'at dāshtan to have courage, to be daring جرئت داشتن جرئت داشتن
jor'at kardan jor'at kardan to summon up the courage needed, to brave, to dare جرئت کردن جرئت کردن
jarime kardan jarime kardan to fine, to penalize, to punish جریمه کردن جریمه کردن
jost-o ju kardan jost-o ju kardan to search, to look for, to inquire into, to investigate, to investigate, to explore جست‌و جو کردن جست‌و جو کردن
jast-o khiz kardan jast-o khiz kardan to hop and skip, to frolic جست‌وخیز کردن جست‌وخیز کردن
jelow-ye kasi istādan jelaw-e kasi istādan to confront someone جلو کسی ایستادن جلو کسی ایستادن
jelo-giri kardan jelaw-giri kardan to prevent, to keep; colloq. to be using birth control جلوگیری کردن جلوگیری کردن
jam shodan jam` shodan to get together, to assemble, to aggregate جمع شدن جم شدن
jam kardan jam` kardan to gather together, to convene, to collect, to pack up, to add جمع کردن جم کردن
jam-āvari kardan jam`-āvari kardan to gather together, to pile up, to amass, to compile, to tidy جمع‌آوری کردن جم‌آوری کردن
jam-o-jur kardan jam`-o-jur kardan to put together, to gather, to rally, to organize, to tidy, to compact جمع‌وجور کردن جم‌وجور کردن
jenās āvardan jenās āvardan to pun جناس آوردن جناس آوردن
javāb pas dādan javāb pas dādan to answer, to have an answer (for), to be answerable, to be accountable جواب پس دادن جواب پس دادن
javāb dādan javāb dādan to answer جواب دادن جواب دادن
javāb-e salām dādan javāb-e salām dādan to return a greeting, to say 'hi' back, to return someone's 'hello' جواب سلام دادن جواب سلام دادن
javāne zadan javāne zadan to bud, to sprout, to germinate جوانه زدن جوانه زدن
javāne kardan javāne kardan to bud, to sprout, to germinate جوانه کردن جوانه کردن
jur kardan jur kardan to sort, to arrange, to organize, to prepare جور کردن جور کردن
jor kardan jawr kardan to tyrannize, to act with cruelty جور کردن جور کردن
jush umadan jush āmadan to come to a boil, to boil جوش آمدن جوش اومدن
jush āvordan jush āvardan colloq. to boil, to bring to a boil, to boil over, to overheat; fig. to become agitated, to become angry جوش آوردن جوش آوردن
jush khordan jush khordan to heal, to mend, to close, to fuse, to be soldered, to get welded together; colloq. fig. to come together, to be in accord (with), to mesh (with), to boil; colloq. fig. to feel irritated, to feel angry جوش خوردن جوش خوردن
jush dādan jush dādan to fuse, to join, to weld, to solder, to transplant, to knit, to boil; colloq. to bond, to mend, to conciliate; fig. colloq. to reunite, to put together, to pull off جوش دادن جوش دادن
jush zadan jush zadan to boil, to bubble, to weld, to get pimples, to have rashes; colloq. fig. to to become agitated, to become ennervated, to fuss, to strive جوش زدن جوش زدن
jish dāshtan jish dāshtan child. to need to pee, to need to go (to the bathroom) جیش داشتن جیش داشتن
jish kardan jish kardan child. to pee, to go wee-wee, to go (to the bathroom) جیش کردن جیش کردن
jik-jik kardan jik-jik kardan onom. to chirp, to tweet جیک‌جیک کردن جیک‌جیک کردن
jim shodan jim shodan colloq. to escape, to flee, to flee, to sneak away, to decamp, to cut, to play hooky جیم شدن جیم شدن
chāp zadan chāp zadan to print; colloq. fig. to make up stories, to tell lies چاپ زدن چاپ زدن
chāp kardan chāp kardan to print, to make a print-out, to publish چاپ کردن چاپ کردن
chādor zadan chādor zadan to pitch a tent, to put up a tent چادر زدن چادر زدن
chune zadan chāne zadan to bargain, to haggle چانه زدن چونه زدن
chat kardan chat kardan comp. to chat چت کردن چت کردن
chort zadan chort zadan to take a nap چرت زدن چرت زدن
chort-e kasi pāre shodan chort-e kasi pāre shodan to have one's nap disturbed چرت کسی پاره شدن چرت کسی پاره شدن
chort-e kasi ro pāre kardan chort-e kasi rā pāre kardan to disturb someone's nap چرت کسی را پاره کردن چرت کسی رو پاره کردن
chosh kardan chosh kardan to say 'whoa', to command a horse or livestock to halt چش کردن چش کردن
cheshm bar-ham zadan chashm bar-ham zadan to blink چشم برهم زدن چشم برهم زدن
cheshm be-ham zadan chashm be-ham zadan to blink چشم به‌هم زدن چشم به‌هم زدن
cheshm-pushi kardan chashm-pushi kardan fig. to overlook, to forgive چشم‌پوشی کردن چشم‌پوشی کردن
chek kardan chek kardan to check, to check چک کردن چک کردن
chire shodan chire shodan to overcome, to come to terms wtih چیره شدن چیره شدن
hāki budan hāki budan to be indicative (of), to indicate, to show حاکی بودن حاکی بودن
hāl kardan hāl kardan to have fun حال کردن حال کردن
hāl-e kasi ro gereftan hāl-e kasi rā gereftan fig. to deflate حال کسی را گرفتن حال کسی را گرفتن
hāli shodan hāli shodan to understand, to realize, to dawn, to apprehend, to comprehend, to find out, to catch on حالی شدن حالی شدن
hāli kardan hāli kardan to cause to understand, to get across, to intimate, to inform, to fill in حالی کردن حالی کردن
hads zadan hads zadan to guess حدس زدن حدس زدن
hazf shodan hazf shodan to get deleted, to get deleted, to get edited out, to get crossed out, to get omitted, to get eliminated, to get eliminated, to get eliminated, to get eliminated, to get eliminated, to get removed, to get abolished حذف شدن حذف شدن
hazf kardan hazf kardan to delete, to delete, to edit out, to cross out, to omit, to eliminate, to get rid of, to eliminate, to eliminate, to eliminate, to remove, to abolish حذف کردن حذف کردن
hers dādan hers dādan to annoy, to irritate حرص دادن حرص دادن
harf zadan harf zadan to talk حرف زدن حرف زدن
harekat dādan harakat dādan to move, to shift, to displace, to mobilize حرکت دادن حرکت دادن
harekat kardan harakat kardan to move, to start, to set out, to proceed, to leave; fig. to act حرکت کردن حرکت کردن
hesāb kardan hesāb kardan to count, to compute, to reckon, to take into account, to expect, to count (on) حساب کردن حساب کردن
hesāb-e kasi ro residan hesāb-e kasi rā residan to punish, to work over حساب کسی را رسیدن حساب کسی رو رسیدن
hesādat kardan hasādat kardan to be jealous, to envy حسادت کردن حسادت کردن
hasad bordan hasad bordan to become jealous, to envy حسد بردن حسد بردن
hasrat khordan hasrat khordan to long (for), to feel nostaligic, to regret حسرت خوردن حسرت خوردن
hasudi kardan hasudi kardan to be jealous حسودی کردن حسودی کردن
hashari shodan hashari shodan vulg. to become sexually aroused, to get turned on, to get horny حشری شدن حشری شدن
hefs kardan hefz kardan to memorize, to preserve; PA. to save, to study حفظ کردن حفص کردن
hekāyat kardan hekāyat kardan to recount, to tell a story, to describe حکایت کردن حکایت کردن
hal shodan hall shodan to get solved, to get solved, to get resolved, to dissolve حل شدن حل شدن
hal kardan hall kardan to solve, to solve, to resolve, to dissolve حل کردن حل کردن
halāji kardan halāji kardan to gin, to card, to comb; fig. to analyze, to analyze, to examine, to scrutinize, to assess حلاجی کردن حلاجی کردن
hammum kardan hammām kardan to bathe, to take a bath, to shower حمام کردن حموم کردن
hamle kardan hamle kardan to attack, to assault, to charge, to strike حمله کردن حمله کردن
havās-e khod ro jam kardan havās-e khod rā jam` kardan fig. to concentrate حواس خود را جمع کردن حواس خود رو جم کردن
khārej shodan khārej shodan to go out, to exit, to emerge, to escape, to exude خارج شدن خارج شدن
khāl kubidan khāl kubidan to tattoo خال کوبیدن خال کوبیدن
khāl-kubi kardan khāl-kubi kardan to tattoo خالکوبی کردن خالکوبی کردن
khāli shodan khāli shodan to become empty, to be exhausted خالی شدن خالی شدن
khāli kardan khāli kardan to empty, to unload, to unpack, to exhaust خالی کردن خالی کردن
khāmush shodan khāmush shodan to be extinguished, to go out, to fall silent; fig. to die down خاموش شدن خاموش شدن
khāmush kardan khāmush kardan to turn off, to switch off, to extinguish, to suppress, to make quiet خاموش کردن خاموش کردن
khabar dādan khabar dādan to report, to announce, to notify, to speak, to fill in خبر دادن خبر دادن
khabar dāshtan khabar dāshtan to be informed, to have news (of), to know (of), to be aware (of), to have a clue خبر داشتن خبر داشتن
khatne kardan khatne kardan to circumcise ختنه کردن ختنه کردن
khejālat keshidan khejālat keshidan to feel ashamed خجالت کشیدن خجالت کشیدن
khodāfezi kardan khodā hāfezi kardan to say good-bye, to bid farewell خدا حافظی کردن خدافظی کردن
kharāsh dādan kharāsh dādan to scratch, to scrape خراش دادن خراش دادن
kharrāti kardan kharrāti kardan to lathe, to do woodworking خراطی کردن خراطی کردن
kharj bar dāshtan kharj bar dāshtan to cost خرج بر داشتن خرج بر داشتن
kharj kardan kharj kardan to spend خرج کردن خرج کردن
khor-khor kardan khor-khor kardan onom. to snore, to growl, to purr خرخر کردن خرخر کردن
khoruji gereftan khoruji gereftan to export خروجی گرفتن خروجی گرفتن
kharid kardan kharid kardan to buy, to purchase خرید کردن خرید کردن
kharidāri kardan kharidāri kardan to go shopping, to do the shopping خریداری کردن خریداری کردن
khaste budan khaste budan to be tired; obs. to be wounded خسته بودن خسته بودن
khaste shodan khaste shodan to become tired خسته شدن خسته شدن
khaste kardan khaste kardan to make tired خسته کردن خسته کردن
khes-khes kardan khes-khes kardan onom. to wheeze خس‌خس کردن خس‌خس کردن
khoshk shodan khoshk shodan to dry out, to dry up; fig. to stiffen, to freeze خشک شدن خشک شدن
khoshk kardan khoshk kardan to dry, to make dry خشک کردن خشک کردن
khat zadan khatt zadan to cross out, to draw a line through خط زدن خط زدن
khat keshidan khatt keshidan to draw a line, to mark, to cross out, to strike out خط کشیدن خط کشیدن
khalā raftan khalā raftan colloq.euph. to go to the bathroom, to go to the toilet, to use the restroom خلا رفتن خلا رفتن
kholāse kardan kholāse kardan to summarize خلاصه کردن خلاصه کردن
khalāf kardan khalāf kardan to commit an infraction, to break the law خلاف کردن خلاف کردن
khalāl kardan khalāl kardan to finely chop, to mince, to clean the teeth with a toothpick خلال کردن خلال کردن
khamir kardan khamir kardan to make into dough, to turn into pulp, to mash خمیر کردن خمیر کردن
khamir gereftan khamir gereftan to prepare dough, to make dough خمیر گرفتن خمیر گرفتن
khamir mālidan khamir mālidan to knead, to knead dough خمیر مالیدن خمیر مالیدن
khonsā kardan khonsā kardan to neutralize خنثی کردن خنثی کردن
khu gereftan khu gereftan to get used to خو گرفتن خو گرفتن
khāb az sar-e kasi parundan khāb az sar-e kasi parāndan to drive someone's sleep away خواب از سر کسی پراندن خواب از سر کسی پروندن
khāb az sar-e kasi paridan khāb az sar-e kasi paridan to have one's sleep driven away خواب از سر کسی پریدن خواب از سر کسی پریدن
khāb budan khāb budan to be asleep خواب بودن خواب بودن
khāb didan khāb didan to dream خواب دیدن خواب دیدن
khāb-e kasi be-ham khordan khāb-e kasi be-ham khordan to have one's sleep disrupted خواب کسی به‌هم خوردن خواب کسی به‌هم خوردن
khāb-e kasi ro be-ham zadan khāb-e kasi rā be-ham zadan to disrupt someone's sleep خواب کسی را به‌هم زدن خواب کسی رو به‌هم زدن
khāstar shodan khāstar shodan to wish, to demand, to seek خواستار شدن خواستار شدن
khāhesh kardan khāhesh kardan to request, to entreat, to demand, to plead, to implore خواهش کردن خواهش کردن
khod ro be un rāh zadan khod rā be ān rāh zadan to pretend to not see or hear خود را به آن راه زدن خود رو به اون راه زدن
khod ro be chizi zadan khod rā be chizi zadan to feign خود را به چیزی زدن خود رو به چیزی زدن
khod ro be chizi neshun dādan khod rā be chizi neshān dādan to act, to demonstrate خود را به چیزی نشان دادن خود رو به چیزی نشون دادن
khod rā gul zadan khod rā gul zadan to deceive oneself خود را گول زدن خود را گول زدن
khod-dāri kardan khod-dāri kardan to refrain (from), to restrain oneself خودداری کردن خودداری کردن
khorāk dādan khorāk dādan to feed خوراک دادن خوراک دادن
khosh umadan khosh āmadan to like, to like, to like خوش آمدن خوش اومدن
khosh-o-besh kardan khosh-o-besh kardan to make conversation, to make small-talk, to chat, to exchange pleasantries خوش‌وبش کردن خوش‌وبش کردن
khowf dāshtan khawf dāshtan to fear, to be afraid, to be scared خوف داشتن خوف داشتن
khowf kardan khawf kardan to fear; sl. to be impressed خوف کردن خوف کردن
khayyāti kardan khayyāti kardan to do tailoring, to be a tailor خیاطی کردن خیاطی کردن
khiyāl kardan khiāl kardan to think, to suppose, to imagine, to presume, to believe خیال کردن خیال کردن
dārā-ye chizi shodan dārā-ye chizi shodan to obtain, to acquire دارای چیزی شدن دارای چیزی شدن
dāman zadan dāman zadan fig. to intensify, to fan the flames, to stir up, to provoke, to aggravate, to exacerbate دامن زدن دامن زدن
dānlod kardan dānlod kardan to download دانلود کردن دانلود کردن
dekhālat kardan dekhālat kardan to interfere, to mix, to introduce, to butt in دخالت کردن دخالت کردن
dar āghush gereftan dar āghush gereftan to embrace در آغوش گرفتن در آغوش گرفتن
dar umadan dar āmadan to come out, to appear, to result, to cost در آمدن در اومدن
dar āvardan dar āvardan to remove, to extract, to extract, to publish, to produce, to produce, to bring in, to produce در آوردن در آوردن
dar bar dāshtan dar bar dāshtan to comprise, to entail, to wear در بر داشتن در بر داشتن
dar pichidan dar pichidan to wrap up, to bundle up completely در پیچیدن در پیچیدن
dar hāl-e taghir budan dar hāl-e taghir budan to be changing, to be changing, to change در حال تغییر بودن در حال تغییر بودن
dar dast dāshtan dar dast dāshtan fig. to be in control, to be in power, to have influence (over), to hold in one's palm, to have a hand in, to participate در دست داشتن در دست داشتن
dar damidan dar damidan to inhale در دمیدن در دمیدن
dar raftan dar raftan to flee, to flee, to escape, to decamp, to absent, to run away, to escape, to detach, to dislocate, to go off, to break away; obs. to enter در رفتن در رفتن
dar zadan dar zadan to knock در زدن در زدن
dar kardan dar kardan to let loose, to discharge در کردن در کردن
dar gozashtan dar gozashtan to overlook, to forgive, to die در گذشتن در گذشتن
dar gereftan dar gereftan to start, to ignite در گرفتن در گرفتن
dar-e gushi sohbat kardan dar-e gushi sohbat kardan to whisper در گوشی صحبت کردن در گوشی صحبت کردن
dar mundan dar māndan to become helpless, to be stuck در ماندن در موندن
dar nazar gereftan dar nazar gereftan fig. to consider, to plan, to have in mind, to designate در نظر گرفتن در نظر گرفتن
  dar navardidan to traverse; obs. to ply, to leave behind در نوردیدن  
dar yāftan dar yāftan to understand, to apprehend, to perceive, to perceive, to realize, to catch, to see, to find, to notice; obs. to obtain, to receive در یافتن در یافتن
derāz keshidan derāz keshidan to lie, to lie down, to recline, to recline, to extend, to stretch دراز کشیدن دراز کشیدن
dar-khāst kardan dar-khāst kardan to request, to apply, to invite, to bid درخواست کردن درخواست کردن
  dar-khāstan obs. to request, to demand, to bid درخواستن  
dard dāshtan dard dāshtan to be painful, to hurt درد داشتن درد داشتن
dard-e sar dādan dard-e sar dādan to annoy, to give trouble دردسر دادن دردسر دادن
dars pas dādan dars pas dādan to recite a lesson درس پس دادن درس پس دادن
dars khundan dars khāndan to study, to learn, to study درس خواندن درس خوندن
dars dādan dars dādan to teach درس دادن درس دادن
dars gereftan dars gereftan to take lessons; fig. to learn one's lesson درس گرفتن درس گرفتن
dorost budan dorost budan to be correct, to be true, to be exact, to be right, to be honest, to be upright درست بودن درست بودن
dorost shodan dorost shodan to become correct, to be fixed, to be made, to become ready, to be prepared درست شدن درست شدن
dorost kardan dorost kardan to correct, to fix, to make, to prepare, to adjust, to forge, to fabricate درست کردن درست کردن
dark kardan dark kardan to apprehend, to catch, to perceive, to perceive, to realize, to realize, to understand, to sympathize درک کردن درک کردن
dar-gir shodan dar-gir shodan fig. to become entangled (in), to become busy (with) درگیر شدن درگیر شدن
derow kardan deraw kardan to harvest, to reap; colloq. fig. to mow down (the opponents), to tackle, to kill (food), to polish off (food) درو کردن درو کردن
dorugh bāftan dorugh bāftan to fabricate lies, to lie دروغ بافتن دروغ بافتن
dorugh goftan dorugh goftan to lie, to deceive دروغ گفتن دروغ گفتن
dar-ham raftan dar-ham raftan to take on an upset or worried appearance, to become downcast, to become distressed, to get upset درهم رفتن درهم رفتن
dar-ham rikhtan dar-ham rikhtan to throw into confusion, to throw into disorder, to scramble درهم ریختن درهم ریختن
dar-ham shodan dar-ham shodan to be mixed, to be mixed up, be become chaotic, to be messed up, to be jumbled, to be scrambled درهم شدن درهم شدن
dar-ham kardan dar-ham kardan to mix, to mix up درهم کردن درهم کردن
dar-ham-bar-ham kardan dar-ham-bar-ham kardan to confuse, to mess, to mess up, to unsettle, to make chaotic درهم‌برهم کردن درهم‌برهم کردن
dar-ham-o bar-ham kardan dar-ham-o bar-ham kardan to confuse, to mess, to mess up, to unsettle, to make chaotic درهم‌و برهم کردن درهم‌و برهم کردن
daryāft kardan daryāft kardan to receive, to get, to perceive, to understand دریافت کردن دریافت کردن
dast az chizi keshidan dast az chizi keshidan to let go of something, to stop doing something دست از چیزی کشیدن دست از چیزی کشیدن
dast andākhtan dast andākhtan to place one's hand somewhere; colloq. to tease, to pull (someone's) leg دست انداختن دست انداختن
dast dādan dast dādan to shake hands; fig. to present itself (opportunity), to come about, to join, to lend itself to, to be useful; colloq. to deal (cards); obs. fig. to be produced, to become possible, to dominate, to hand دست دادن دست دادن
dast-e kam gereftan dast-e kam gereftan to underestimate, to depreciate دست کم گرفتن دست کم گرفتن
dast-andāzi kardan dast-andāzi kardan to appropriate, to take unfair possession of, to lay one's hands on, to grab دست‌اندازی کردن دست‌اندازی کردن
das-bord zadan dast-bord zadan to rob, to embezzle دست‌برد زدن دست‌برد زدن
dast-pāche shodan dast-pāche shodan to become flustered, to be in a great rush دستپاچه شدن دستپاچه شدن
dast-khosh-e chizi shodan dast-khosh-e chizi shodan fig. to undergo, to be subject to, to suffer, to take دست‌خوش چیزی شدن دست‌خوش چیزی شدن
dast-o pā kardan dast-o pā kardan to rustle up, to get دست‌وپا کردن دست‌وپا کردن
dastur dādan dastur dādan to order دستور دادن دستور دادن
  dast-yāri kardan to help, to assist دست‌یاری کردن  
da`vā kardan da`vā kardan to quarrel, to act belligerently, to litigate دعوا کردن دعوا کردن
da`vi kardan da`vi kardan to claim, to exaggerate دعوی کردن دعوی کردن
dak shodan dak shodan colloq. to sneak off دک شدن دک شدن
dak kardan dak kardan colloq. to chase away, to kick out, to expel, to expel, to rid دک کردن دک کردن
delkhor kardan delkhor kardan to offend دلخور کردن دلخور کردن
dam bar āvardan dam bar āvardan obs. to exhale, to sigh; fig. to protest دم بر آوردن دم بر آوردن
dam zadan dam zadan obs. to breathe, to talk, to claim, to protest; obs. to blow, to play, to rest دم زدن دم زدن
dam kardan dam kardan to steep, to steam, to be sweltering دم کردن دم کردن
damar kardan damar kardan to upturn, to make lie face down دمر کردن دمر کردن
dombāl umadan donbāl āmadan to come after, to search for, to call for, to pick up, to give a ride دنبال آمدن دمبال اومدن
dombāl oftādan donbāl oftādan to follow, to pursue, to chase دنبال افتادن دمبال افتادن
dombāl budan donbāl budan to follow, to seek, to seek, to want, to need, to want, to hunt دنبال بودن دمبال بودن
dombāl raftan donbāl raftan to go after, to search for, to call for, to pick up, to give a ride دنبال رفتن دمبال رفتن
dombāl kardan donbāl kardan to follow, to pursue, to chase دنبال کردن دمبال کردن
dombāl gashtan donbāl gashtan to search for, to be in search of, to be after, to want to obtain دنبال گشتن دمبال گشتن
dandun dar āvordan dandān dar āvardan to grow teeth, to teethe دندان در آوردن دندون در آوردن
dongi raftan dongi raftan colloq. to go Dutch, to pay for one's own meal, etc دنگی رفتن دنگی رفتن
davām dāshtan davām dāshtan to last (long), to be long-lived, to endure, to continue, to go on, to have a long shelf-life دوام داشتن دوام داشتن
do-barābar kardan do-barābar kardan to double, to make twice as much دوبرابر کردن دوبرابر کردن
do-be-ham-zani kardan do-be-ham-zani kardan colloq. fig. to create a rift between two people, to set people against one another, to cause enmity, to cause discord دوبه‌هم‌زنی کردن دوبه‌هم‌زنی کردن
dud kardan dud kardan to produce smoke, to burn, to give off exhaust; colloq. to smoke (cigarettes, etc.), to destroy دود کردن دود کردن
do-dar kardan do-dar kardan to rip off, to pilfer, to cut, to trick دودر کردن دودر کردن
do-dare kardan do-dare kardan to rip off, to pilfer, to cut, to trick دودره کردن دودره کردن
  dur oftādan to become distant, to get separated, to remain apart, to be thrown away, to be discarded, to be abandoned; obs. to misunderstand دور افتادن  
dur andākhtan dur andākhtan to throw out, to discard دور انداختن دور انداختن
dur rikhtan dur rikhtan to throw out, to discard دور ریختن دور ریختن
dowre kardan dawre kardan to review, to restudy, to reread, to surround دوره کردن دوره کردن
dus dāshtan dust dāshtan to like, to love دوست داشتن دوس داشتن
dush gereftan dush gereftan to take a shower دوش گرفتن دوش گرفتن
divune shodan divāne shodan to go crazy, to fall madly in love دیوانه شدن دیوونه شدن
zakhire kardan zakhire kardan to save, to store ذخیره کردن ذخیره کردن
zek kardan zekr kardan to mention, to mention, to cite, to quote, to say, to say, to speak, to allude, to tell, to say rosary prayers, to chant ذکر کردن ذک کردن
zekr goftan zekr goftan to say rosary prayers, to chant prayers, to repeat a word or phrase ذکر گفتن ذکر گفتن
rāst goftan rāst goftan to tell the truth, to be truthful راست گفتن راست گفتن
rāst-gui kardan rāst-gui kardan to tell the truth, to be truthful راست‌گویی کردن راست‌گویی کردن
rāzi budan rāzi budan to be satisfied, to be pleased, to be content, to be willing راضی بودن راضی بودن
rāzi shodan rāzi shodan to become satisfied, to become pleased, to agree, to consent راضی شدن راضی شدن
rāzi kardan rāzi kardan to satisfy, to please, to persuade راضی کردن راضی کردن
rānandegi kardan rānandegi kardan to drive رانندگی کردن رانندگی کردن
rāh oftādan rāh oftādan to depart, to leave, to set out, to get going; fig. to get going, to start; colloq. fig. to get into, to flow راه افتادن راه افتادن
rāh andākhtan rāh andākhtan to put into motion, to start, to get running, to crank, to escort; fig. to commission, to raise funds, to set up, to prepare, to fix راه انداختن راه انداختن
  rāh paymudan to travel, to go راه پیمودن  
rāh dādan rāh dādan to let in, to allow through, to admit راه دادن راه دادن
rāh raftan rāh raftan to walk, to walk, to walk, to walk راه رفتن راه رفتن
  rāh-bari kardan obs. to lead, to guide راه‌بری کردن  
rāh-peimāi kardan rāh-paymāi kardan to hike, to walk, to trek, to stroll, to march راهپیمایی کردن راهپیمایی کردن
rāh-namāi kardan rāh-namāi kardan to lead, to guide, to instruct راه‌نمایی کردن راه‌نمایی کردن
royat kardan royat kardan to see, to notice, to detect رؤیت کردن رویت کردن
rokhsat khāstan rokhsat khāstan to ask permission, to beg leave رخصت خواستن رخصت خواستن
rad kardan radd kardan to give back, to return, to reject, to pass up, to allow, to pass, to have transfered, to hand over, to smuggle رد کردن رد کردن
rezhim gereftan rezhim gereftan to diet, to be on a diet رژیم گرفتن رژیم گرفتن
  roshd kardan to grow رشد کردن  
rashk bordan rashk bordan to envy, to be jealous رشک بردن رشک بردن
raftār kardan raftār kardan to behave, to act, to treat, to walk رفتار کردن رفتار کردن
raf-e naghs kardan raf`-e naqs kardan to remedy; comp. to debug رفع نقص کردن رف نقص کردن
reghābat kardan reqābat kardan to compete رقابت کردن رقابت کردن
  rang bakhtan to turn pale, to pale, to lose color, to fade رنگ باختن  
rang pas dādan rang pas dādan to run, to stain رنگ پس دادن رنگ پس دادن
rang dādan rang dādan to run, to stain رنگ دادن رنگ دادن
rang zadan rang zadan to paint, to color, to stain, to dye رنگ زدن رنگ زدن
ru āvordan ru āvardan to turn (to), to direct one's attention (to), to take up, to resort (to), to appeal (to) رو آوردن رو آوردن
ru shodan ru shodan to be revealed; colloq. to dare, to have the courage (to) رو شدن رو شدن
ru kardan ru kardan to turn (to), to turn (towards), to face, to look (at) رو کردن رو کردن
  ru gardāndan to turn away (from), to turn one's back (on), to reject, to refuse, to pass on, to leave رو گرداندن  
ravā dāshtan ravā dāshtan to allow, to permit, to consider allowable, to hold permissible روا داشتن روا داشتن
ravāj dāshtan ravāj dāshtan to be prevalent, to be current, to be in circulation رواج داشتن رواج داشتن
  ravān shodan to proceed, to go, to run, to flow روان شدن  
ravāne shodan ravāne shodan to set out, to start, to leave (for), to proceed, to embark, to get going روانه شدن روانه شدن
  ravāne kardan to send, to send off, to set in motion, to dispatch, to dismiss روانه کردن  
ru-be-ru shodan ru-be-ru shodan to be faced (with), to face, to be up (against), to come face to face (with) روبرو شدن روبرو شدن
ru-be-ru kardan ru-be-ru kardan to bring face-to-face, to cause a confrontation روبرو کردن روبرو کردن
ru-pāy zadan ru-pāi zadan to juggle with the feet روپایی زدن روپایی زدن
ruze gereftan ruze gereftan to fast روزه گرفتن روزه گرفتن
  rawnaq yāftan to become brisk, to flourish, to become successful, to prosper, to become animated, to pick up speed, to get busy رونق یافتن  
ru-namā shodan ru-nemā shodan to appear, to become visible, to manifest itself رونما شدن رونما شدن
ru-namāy shodan ru-nemāy shodan to appear, to become visible, to manifest itself رونمای شدن رونمای شدن
ru-ye tormoz zadan ru-ye tormoz zadan to brake, to brake روی ترمز زدن روی ترمز زدن
rahā shodan rahā shodan to become free, to be released, to be dropped رها شدن رها شدن
rahā kardan rahā kardan to free, to liberate, to release, to release, to abandon, to leave, to shoot, to shoot, to leave, to abandon, to give up, to give up, to give up رها کردن رها کردن
rah-bari kardan rah-bari kardan to lead, to guide ره‌بری کردن ره‌بری کردن
rahn gozāshtan rahn gozāshtan to mortgage, to pledge, to pawn رهن گذاشتن رهن گذاشتن
riyā kardan riyā kardan to pretend, to behave hypocritically ریا کردن ریا کردن
rishe davundan rishe davāndan to put down roots, to send out roots, to grow roots ریشه دواندن ریشه دووندن
rishe-kan kardan rishe-kan kardan to uproot, to eradicate, to exterminate ریشه‌کن کردن ریشه‌کن کردن
zabun zadan zabān zadan to lick, to lap زبان زدن زبون زدن
zajr keshidan zajr keshidan to suffer, to be tortured, to be tormented, to be in agony زجر کشیدن زجر کشیدن
zahmat keshidan zahmat keshidan to try hard, to make great effort زحمت کشیدن زحمت کشیدن
zer zadan zer zadan to jabber; colloq.vulg. to talk nonsense, to cry زر زدن زر زدن
zard shodan zard shodan to turn yellow, to become pale, to become weak, to become sick زرد شدن زرد شدن
zamin khordan zamin khordan to trip, to fall; colloq. to fare badly, to go down, to decline, to drop زمین خوردن زمین خوردن
zan gereftan zan gereftan to take a wife, to marry, to get married زن گرفتن زن گرفتن
zan-ā-shui kardan zan-ā-shui kardan to wed, to get married, to marry زناشویی کردن زناشویی کردن
zendegi kardan zendegi kardan to live, to exist, to reside, to inhabit زندگی کردن زندگی کردن
zang zadan zang zadan to ring, to ring up, to telephone, to chime, to rust زنگ زدن زنگ زدن
zur be-kār bordan zur be-kār bordan to use force, to force زور بکار بردن زور بکار بردن
zir-e bār raftan zir-e bār raftan to give in, to bow under pressure, to be brought to one's knees, to accept, to be persuaded (to) زیر بار رفتن زیر بار رفتن
zir-e khande zadan zir-e khande zadan to burst out laughing زیر خنده زدن زیر خنده زدن
zir-e gerye zadan zir-e gerye zadan colloq. to burst out crying زیر گریه زدن زیر گریه زدن
zir-e mangene gozāshtan zir-e mangane gozāshtan colloq. fig. to put (someone) under pressure (to do something) زیر منگنه گذاشتن زیر منگنه گذاشتن
zhest gereftan zhest gereftan to pose, to put on an act ژست گرفتن ژست گرفتن
zhel zadan zhel zadan to apply hair-styling gel ژل زدن ژل زدن
zhende shodan zhende shodan to become tattered, to become worn ژنده شدن ژنده شدن
zhulide shodan zhulide shodan to become disheveled, to become ragged ژولیده شدن ژولیده شدن
zhimnāstik bāzi kardan zhimnāstik bāzi kardan to do gymnastics ژیمناستیک بازی کردن ژیمناستیک بازی کردن
zhimnāstik kār kardan zhimnāstik kār kardan to do gymnastics ژیمناستیک کار کردن ژیمناستیک کار کردن
sāl budan sāl budan to be n years old, to be age n سال بودن سال بودن
sāl dāshtan sāl dāshtan to be n years old, to be age n سال داشتن سال داشتن
sāl shodan sāl shodan to become n years old, to turn n سال شدن سال شدن
sālus kardan sālus kardan obs. to deceive سالوس کردن سالوس کردن
sāle budan sāle budan to be n years old, to be age n ساله بودن ساله بودن
sāle shodan sāle shodan to become n years old, to turn n ساله شدن ساله شدن
soāl porsidan soāl porsidan to ask a question سؤال پرسیدن سؤال پرسیدن
soāl dāshtan soāl dāshtan to have a question سؤال داشتن سؤال داشتن
soāl kardan soāl kardan to ask, to inquire, to question سؤال کردن سؤال کردن
sabz shodan sabz shodan to turn green, to grow, to sprout; fig. to go green سبز شدن سبز شدن
sepās-gozāri kardan sepās-gozāri kardan to thank سپاس‌گزاری کردن سپاس‌گزاری کردن
  separi kardan to pass, to traverse سپری کردن  
setam didan setam didan to suffer oppression, to be oppressed, to suffer ستم دیدن ستم دیدن
setam kardan setam kardan to oppress, to persecute, to tyranize, to make suffer ستم کردن ستم کردن
setam keshidan setam keshidan to be oppressed, to suffer persecution, to be tyrannized ستم کشیدن ستم کشیدن
setam-kāri kardan setam-kāri kardan to oppress, to persecute, to tyranize, to make suffer ستم‌کاری کردن ستم‌کاری کردن
setam-gari kardan setam-gari kardan to oppress, to persecute, to tyranize, to make suffer, to act cruelly ستم‌گری کردن ستم‌گری کردن
sokhan goftan sokhan goftan to talk, to converse, to discuss سخن گفتن سخن گفتن
sad bastan sadd bastan to build a dam, to construct a dam, to build a dike, to dam سد بستن سد بستن
  sadd-e jaw` kardan lit. to stave off hunger, to have a bite, to have a snack, to eat سد جوع کردن  
sad kardan sadd kardan to block, to blockade, to obstruct, to bar سد کردن سد کردن
sar bāz zadan sar bāz zadan to refuse, to demur, to withhold سر باز زدن سر باز زدن
sor khordan sor khordan to slide, to slip, to skid, to glissade سر خوردن سر خوردن
sar dādan sar dādan to release, to let out, to suddenly start doing an (often long-lasting) activity, to show up new, to make a payment on top of another, to give up one's life (for) سر دادن سر دادن
sar dar āvordan sar dar āvardan to pop up, to come out, to appear, to figure out, to get سر در آوردن سر در آوردن
sar zadan sar zadan to pay a visit, to drop in, to pop in, to reach a mark, to hit with the head, to decapitate; fig. to dawn, to rise, to grow, to appear سر زدن سر زدن
sar kardan sar kardan to put on the head, to wear, to spend time, to live (with), to get along (with), to tolerate, to endure, to make do, to lower one's head, to stick one's head (into), to rebel, to let out (shout, wail), to start doing an (often long-lasting) activity سر کردن سر کردن
sar keshidan sar keshidan to guzzle, to gulp down, to check up on سر کشیدن سر کشیدن
sar-bolan shodan sar-boland shodan to be proud, to feel pride سربلند شدن سربلن شدن
sar be sar gozāshtan sar be sar gozāshtan to tease, to bother, to harrass, to annoy سربه‌سر گذاشتن سربه‌سر گذاشتن
sar-e hāl umadan sar-e hāl āmadan to cheer up سرحال آمدن سرحال اومدن
sard budan sard budan to feel cold سرد بودن سرد بودن
sorfe kardan sorfe kardan to cough سرفه کردن سرفه کردن
sarak keshidan sarak keshidan to check up on, to peep سرک کشیدن سرک کشیدن
sar-keshi kardan sar-keshi kardan to inspect, to look in on, to rebel, to check up on سرکشی کردن سرکشی کردن
  sar-kub kardan fig. to suppress, to oppress, to crush سرکوب کردن  
sarmā khordan sarmā khordan to catch cold سرما خوردن سرما خوردن
sar-ham-bandi kardan sar-ham-bandi kardan colloq. to improvise, to throw together سرهم‌بندی کردن سرهم‌بندی کردن
sari be chizi zadan sari be chizi zadan colloq. to check up on something, to check something سری به چیزی زدن سری به چیزی زدن
sa`y kardan sa`y kardan to try, to struggle, to strive, to endeavor, to labor سعی کردن سعی کردن
sefāresh kardan sefāresh kardan to order سفارش کردن سفارش کردن
safar kardan safar kardan to travel, to take a trip, to go on a journey سفر کردن سفر کردن
sekke andākhtan sekke andākhtan to insert coins, to feed coins (into) سکه انداختن سکه انداختن
salām resundan salām resāndan to convey greetings, to pass on someone's greetings, to send one's 'hello' سلام رساندن سلام رسوندن
salām kardan salām kardan to greet, to say 'hi', to say 'hello' سلام کردن سلام کردن
salām-o-aleik bā kasi dāshtan salām-o-`alayk bā kasi dāshtan to be acquainted with someone, to have a mutual acquaintance with someone سلام‌وعلیک با کسی داشتن سلام‌وعلیک با کسی داشتن
salām-o aleik kardan salām-o `alayk kardan to greet, to exchange greetings, to say 'hello' سلام‌وعلیک کردن سلام‌وعلیک کردن
salmuni shodan salmāni shodan to be cut (hair) سلمانی شدن سلمونی شدن
salmuni kardan salmāni kardan to cut hair, to give haircuts سلمانی کردن سلمونی کردن
sang pish-e pā andākhtan sang pish-e pā andākhtan fig. to create hurdles, to sabotage سنگ پیش پا انداختن سنگ پیش پا انداختن
sang jelow-ye pā andākhtan sang jelaw-e pā andākhtan fig. to create hurdles, to sabotage سنگ جلو پا انداختن سنگ جلو پا انداختن
sang jelow-ye pā gozāshtan sang jelaw-e pā gozāshtan fig. to create hurdles, to sabotage, to thwart سنگ جلو پا گذاشتن سنگ جلو پا گذاشتن
sang tu rāh gozāshtan sang dar rāh gozāshtan fig. to create hurdles, to sabotage, to thwart سنگ در راه گذاشتن سنگ تو راه گذاشتن
savār shodan savār shodan to get on a horse, to mount, to get on, to climb aboard, to get in (vehicle), to board, to become installed; fig. to become predominant سوار شدن سوار شدن
savār kardan savār kardan to put on a horse, to mount, to take on board, to pick up (passengers), to install, to assemble, to erect; colloq. to plan, to manage, to stage-manage, to engineer سوار کردن سوار کردن
sud-jui kardan sud-jui kardan to exploit سودجویی کردن سودجویی کردن
sur dādan sur dādan to put on a feast, to treat to a special meal سور دادن سور دادن
surtme-rāni kardan surtme-rāni kardan to sled, to drive a sled, to drive a sleigh سورتمه‌رانی کردن سورتمه‌رانی کردن
surtme-savāri kardan surtme-savāri kardan to sled, to go sledding, to go sleigh-riding سورتمه‌سواری کردن سورتمه‌سواری کردن
sowgh dādan sawq dādan to push in a certain direction, to pull (towards), to steer, to guide سوق دادن سوق دادن
  siāhat kardan to travel, to explore, to journey, to tour سیاحت کردن  
siāsat kardan siāsat kardan to punish, to correct سیاست کردن سیاست کردن
siyāh kardan siāh kardan to blacken, to darken; fig. to distress, to distress, to ruin; colloq. to bruise, to trick and make the object of ridicule سیاه کردن سیاه کردن
sir shodan sir shodan to eat one's fill, to be satiated, to be content; fig. to have more than one can bear سیر شدن سیر شدن
sir-āb shodan sir-āb shodan to become quenched, to drink one's fill, to be fully watered سیراب شدن سیراب شدن
sir-āb kardan sir-āb kardan to quench, to fully water سیراب کردن سیراب کردن
sigār keshidan sigār keshidan to smoke (cigarettes); colloq.vulg. to sleep with a prostitute سیگار کشیدن سیگار کشیدن
sine sāf kardan sine sāf kardan to clear the throat سینه صاف کردن سینه صاف کردن
shām khordan shām khordan to eat dinner شام خوردن شام خوردن
shune zadan shāne zadan to comb شانه زدن شونه زدن
shune kardan shāne kardan to comb شانه کردن شونه کردن
shāhed budan shāhed budan to witness شاهد بودن شاهد بودن
shetāb kardan shetāb kardan to hurry, to make haste شتاب کردن شتاب کردن
sharh dādan sharh dādan to describe, to explain, to expound شرح دادن شرح دادن
sharh-o bast dādan sharh-o bast dādan to describe, to explain, to expound, to give a detailed account شرح‌وبست دادن شرح‌وبست دادن
sharh-o tafsil dādan sharh-o tafsil dādan to describe, to explain, to expound, to give a detailed account شرح‌وتفصیل دادن شرح‌وتفصیل دادن
sherkat dāshtan sherkat dāshtan to participate, to take part شرکت داشتن شرکت داشتن
sherkat kardan sherkat kardan to participate, to attend, to participate (in a competition) شرکت کردن شرکت کردن
shoru shodan shoru` shodan to start, to begin شروع شدن شرو شدن
shoru kardan shoru` kardan to begin شروع کردن شرو کردن
sharik kardan sharik kardan to make a partner, to involve, to include شریک کردن شریک کردن
shost-o shu kardan shost-o shu kardan to wash, to bathe, to rinse شست‌و شو کردن شست‌و شو کردن
shatranj bāzi kardan shatranj bāzi kardan to play chess شطرنج بازی کردن شطرنج بازی کردن
sho`ār dādan she`ār dādan to shout slogans, to talk without acting شعار دادن شعار دادن
shefā`at kardan shafā`at kardan to intercede, to mediate, to advocate شفاعت کردن شفاعت کردن
shekāyat kardan shekāyat kardan to complain شکایت کردن شکایت کردن
shekast khordan shekast khordan to get defeated شکست خوردن شکست خوردن
shekast dādan shekast dādan to defeat شکست دادن شکست دادن
shekanje dādan shekanje dādan to torture, to torment, to agonize شکنجه دادن شکنجه دادن
shallāgh khordan shallāq khordan to be whipped, to be flogged شلاق خوردن شلاق خوردن
shallāgh zadan shallāq zadan to whip, to flog شلاق زدن شلاق زدن
sholugh shodan sholugh shodan to become crowded, to become busy شلوغ شدن شلوغ شدن
shelik kardan shelik kardan to fire a gun, to shoot شلیک کردن شلیک کردن
shomāre gereftan shemāre gereftan to dial a (telephone) number شماره گرفتن شماره گرفتن
sham` zadan sham` zadan to buttress, to truss, to shore up, to reinforce, to prop up شمع زدن شمع زدن
shenā kardan shenā kardan to swim شنا کردن شنا کردن
shenāsāi kardan shenāsāi kardan to identify شناسایی کردن شناسایی کردن
shenāvari kardan shenāvari kardan to swim, to float شناوری کردن شناوری کردن
shut budan shut budan obs. to be out of it, to be unaware شوت بودن شوت بودن
shut zadan shut zadan to kick, to throw, to make a shot شوت زدن شوت زدن
shut kardan shut kardan to kick, to throw, to make a shot شوت کردن شوت کردن
shukhi kardan shukhi kardan to joke, to jest شوخی کردن شوخی کردن
showhar kardan shawhar kardan to marry, to marry a husband, to get married شوهر کردن شوهر کردن
sāder shodan sāder shodan to be issued, to be exported; obs. to come forth صادر شدن صادر شدن
sāder kardan sāder kardan to issue, to export, to put out, to emit, to issue صادر کردن صادر کردن
sobune khordan sobhāne khordan to eat breakfast صبحانه خوردن صبونه خوردن
sobat kardan sohbat kardan to talk, to converse; obs. to associate (with) صحبت کردن صبت کردن
sakhre-navardi kardan sakhre-navardi kardan to hike, to trek, to go bouldering, to mountain climb صخره‌نوردی کردن صخره‌نوردی کردن
sedā kardan sedā kardan to call out (to), to address, to make a sound, to echo صدا کردن صدا کردن
sarf shodan sarf shodan to be conjugated, to be inflected, to be expended, to be used, to be consumed, to be eaten, to be drunk, to be spent صرف شدن صرف شدن
sarf kardan sarf kardan to conjugate (verbs), to inflect, to expend, to use, to consume; pol. to eat, to drink صرف کردن صرف کردن
sarf-e nazar kardan sarf-e nazar kardan fig. to overlook, to forgive, to change one's mind صرف‌نظر کردن صرف‌نظر کردن
saf bastan saff bastan to line up, to get in a queue, to align صف بستن صف بستن
saf keshidan saff keshidan to line up, to get in a queue صف کشیدن صف کشیدن
zāye` shodan zāe` shodan to be lost, to be ruined, to be destroyed, to be wasted ضائع شدن ضائع شدن
zāye` kardan zāe` kardan to waste, to destroy, to squander ضائع کردن ضائع کردن
zāye` shodan zāye` shodan to be lost, to be ruined, to be destroyed, to be wasted ضایع شدن ضایع شدن
zāye` kardan zāye` kardan to waste, to destroy, to squander ضایع کردن ضایع کردن
zabt kardan zabt kardan to confiscate, to seize, to repossess, to record, to register ضبط کردن ضبط کردن
zarar kardan zarar kardan to sustain losses ضرر کردن ضرر کردن
zaif shodan za`if shodan to become weak, to grow feeble ضعیف شدن ضعیف شدن
zamime kardan zamime kardan to attach, to join, to enclose ضمیمه کردن ضمیمه کردن
ziāfat dādan ziāfat dādan to put on a banquet, to hold a formal dinner ضیافت دادن ضیافت دادن
tāghat āvordan tāqat āvardan to endure, to tolerate, to stand طاقت آوردن طاقت آوردن
tāghat dāshtan tāqat dāshtan to have endurance, to have stamina, to stand, to bear طاقت داشتن طاقت داشتن
tarrāhi kardan tarrāhi kardan to design, to plan, to sketch طراحی کردن طراحی کردن
tarh-rizi kardan tarh-rizi kardan to plan, to plan out طرح‌ریزی کردن طرح‌ریزی کردن
tanāb-bāzi kardan tanāb-bāzi kardan to jump rope, to skip rope طناب‌بازی کردن طناب‌بازی کردن
tanin-andāz shodan tanin-andāz shodan to echo, to ring, to resonate, to sound طنین‌انداز شدن طنین‌انداز شدن
tul keshidan tul keshidan to take a long time طول کشیدن طول کشیدن
tei kardan tayy kardan to pass, to traverse, to cover; colloq. fig. to reach an agreement on a price, to spend طی کردن طی کردن
zāher shodan zāher shodan to appear, to be developed (film) ظاهر شدن ظاهر شدن
zarf shostan zarf shostan to wash dishes, to do the dishes ظرف شستن ظرف شستن
zarfiyat dāshtan zarfiyyat dāshtan to have room, to have scope, to have the capacity (for) ظرفیت داشتن ظرفیت داشتن
zolm kardan zolm kardan to tyranize, to persecute, to treat with injustice, to act cruelly ظلم کردن ظلم کردن
ādat kardan `ādat kardan to get used to عادت کردن عادت کردن
ār shodan `ār shodan to feel ashamed, to become embarrassed, to feel hesitant (about) عار شدن عار شدن
āzem budan `āzem budan to be departing (for), to be setting out (for), to be bound (for), to be en route (to) عازم بودن عازم بودن
āzem shodan `āzem shodan to head (to), to set out (for) عازم شدن عازم شدن
āshegh-e kasi yā chizi budan `āsheq-e kasi yā chizi budan to be in love with someone or something, to like someone or something عاشق کسی یا چیزی بودن عاشق کسی یا چیزی بودن
āshegh-e kasi yā chizi shodan `āsheq-e kasi yā chizi shodan to fall in love with someone or something عاشق کسی یا چیزی شدن عاشق کسی یا چیزی شدن
  `ebar kardan obs. to learn a lesson عبر کردن  
  `abr kardan obs. to cross, to pass through عبر کردن  
arze kardan `arze kardan to present, to offer عرضه کردن عرضه کردن
aragh rikhtan `araq rikhtan to sweat, to perspire; fig. to struggle, to toil, to labor عرق ریختن عرق ریختن
arusi kardan `arusi kardan to web, to marry, to get married عروسی کردن عروسی کردن
atse zadan `atse zadan to sneeze عطسه زدن عطسه زدن
atse kardan `atse kardan to sneeze عطسه کردن عطسه کردن
afv kardan `afv kardan to pardon عفو کردن عفو کردن
akkāsi kardan `akkāsi kardan to do photography, to be a photographer عکاسی کردن عکاسی کردن
aks gereftan `aks gereftan to take a photograph عکس گرفتن عکس گرفتن
alāghe dāshtan `alāqe dāshtan to have an interest, to have a fancy, to have a hobby علاقه داشتن علاقه داشتن
amal kardan `amal kardan to act, to function, to operate on, to behave عمل کردن عمل کردن
avazi gereftan `avazi gereftan colloq. to mistake, to confuse عوضی گرفتن عوضی گرفتن
einak zadan `aynak zadan to put on glasses, to put on spectacles عینک زدن عینک زدن
ghāleb umadan ghāleb āmadan to overcome, to triumph, to win, to become victorious غالب آمدن غالب اومدن
ghāleb shodan ghāleb shodan to triumph, to defeat غالب شدن غالب شدن
ghebte khordan ghebte khordan to envy, to begrudge, to covet غبطه خوردن غبطه خوردن
ghazā pokhtan ghazā pokhtan to cook, to cook food غذا پختن غذا پختن
ghazā khordan ghazā khordan to eat غذا خوردن غذا خوردن
ghazā dādan ghazā dādan to feed, to nourish غذا دادن غذا دادن
ghosl kardan ghosl kardan to wash ceremoniously, to baptize, to wash a corpse غسل کردن غسل کردن
ghash kardan ghash kardan to faint, to have a seizure, to collapse غش کردن غش کردن
ghosse khordan ghosse khordan to be sad, to worry, to be anxious غصه خوردن غصه خوردن
ghalabe dāshtan ghalabe dāshtan to get the better of, to dominate, to triumph غلبه داشتن غلبه داشتن
ghalabe kardan ghalabe kardan to overcome, to overpower; obs. to shout غلبه کردن غلبه کردن
ghamgin shodan ghamgin shodan to become sorrowful, to sadden غمگین شدن غمگین شدن
gheir erādi amal kardan ghayr erādi `amal kardan to act involuntarily غیر ارادی عمل کردن غیر ارادی عمل کردن
gheir-e mojāz kardan ghayr-e mojāz kardan to forbid, to prohibit, to disallow, to make illegal غیر مجاز کردن غیر مجاز کردن
gheirati shodan ghayrati shodan to become defensive or protective (of family honor), to become an upholder of ghayrat; colloq. to become fanatical, to be particular (about) غیرتی شدن غیرتی شدن
fāregh ot-tahsil shodan fāregh ot-tahsil shodan to graduate فارغ‌التحصیل شدن فارغ‌التحصیل شدن
fetne angikhtan fetne angikhtan to make mischief, to incite, to cause sedition فتنه انگیختن فتنه انگیختن
fetne kardan fetne kardan to make mischief, to stir up trouble, to cause sedition, to intrigue فتنه کردن فتنه کردن
fotokopi kardan fotokopi kardan to photoopy, to xerox فتوکپی کردن فتوکپی کردن
farā khundan farā khāndan to call, to invite, to rally, to summon, to draft فرا خواندن فرا خوندن
farā residan farā residan to arrive, to descend فرا رسیدن فرا رسیدن
farā gereftan farā gereftan to learn, to surround, to envelop فرا گرفتن فرا گرفتن
farār dādan farār dādan to scare away, to cause to flee فرار دادن فرار دادن
farār kardan farār kardan to escape, to flee, to flee, to vamoose, to escape, to absent, to run away فرار کردن فرار کردن
farāri dādan farāri dādan to scare away, to cause to flee فراری دادن فراری دادن
farāri shodan farāri shodan to escape, to flee, to escape, to hide out, to absent, to decamp فراری شدن فراری شدن
farāmush kardan farāmush kardan to forget, to banish from thought فراموش کردن فراموش کردن
farāham kardan farāham kardan to provide, to come up with فراهم کردن فراهم کردن
foru bordan foru bordan to take in, to submerse, to plunge, to take down فرو بردن فرو بردن
foru raftan foru raftan to sink, to go down فرو رفتن فرو رفتن
foru neshundan foru neshāndan to put out, to settle, to relieve فرو نشاندن فرو نشوندن
foru neshastan foru neshastan to subside, to settle down, to sink فرو نشستن فرو نشستن
faryād residan faryād residan to respond to a cry for help, to rescue فریاد رسیدن فریاد رسیدن
faryād zadan faryād zadan to cry out for help, to shout, to exclaim فریاد زدن فریاد زدن
faryād keshidan faryād keshidan to cry out for help, to shout, to exclaim فریاد کشیدن فریاد کشیدن
feshār āvordan feshār āvardan to apply pressure, to press فشار آوردن فشار آوردن
fozuli kardan fozuli kardan to meddle, to pry, to butt in, to be nosy, to be a busybody فضولی کردن فضولی کردن
fek kardan fekr kardan to think, to reflect, to suppose, believe, to conceptualize, to visualize, to think, to intend فکر کردن فک کردن
fekri be sar-e kasi zadan fekri be sar-e kasi zadan to get an idea فکری به سر کسی زدن فکری به سر کسی زدن
felfel-namaki shodan felfel-namaki shodan to gray, to turn grey, to turn grizzly, to become salt-and-pepper colored فلفل‌نمکی شدن فلفل‌نمکی شدن
falak kardan falak kardan to bastinado, to flog the soles of the feet فلک کردن فلک کردن
fowt kardan fawt kardan to die فوت کردن فوت کردن
fut kardan fut kardan onom. to blow (out), to blow (on), to puff, to breathe on فوت کردن فوت کردن
futbāl-e āmrikāi bāzi kardan futbāl-e āmrikāi bāzi kardan to play football فوتبال آمریکایی بازی کردن فوتبال آمریکایی بازی کردن
futbāl bāzi kardan futbāl bāzi kardan to play soccer فوتبال بازی کردن فوتبال بازی کردن
futsāl bāzi kardan futsāl bāzi kardan to play indoor soccer فوتسال بازی کردن فوتسال بازی کردن
film bar dāshtan film bar dāshtan to film, to shoot a movie, to video, to videotape فیلم بر داشتن فیلم بر داشتن
film-bar-dāri kardan film-bar-dāri kardan to film, to shoot a movie, to video, to videotape فیلم‌برداری کردن فیلم‌برداری کردن
ghāel budan qāel budan to believe, to be a believer قائل بودن قائل بودن
ghāel shodan qāel shodan to believe, to be a believer قائل شدن قائل شدن
ghār-ghār kardan qār-qār kardan onom. to crow قارقار کردن قارقار کردن
ghāti shodan qāti shodan to be mixed, to be mixed up, to become mingled, to mix, to blend قاطی شدن قاطی شدن
ghāti kardan qāti kardan to mix, to combine, to blend, to intermingle, to mix up, to confuse, to get confused, to mistake قاطی کردن قاطی کردن
ghāti-pāti shodan qāti-pāti shodan colloq. to become mixed, to be jumbled, to be mixed up, to be messed up قاطی‌پاطی شدن قاطی‌پاطی شدن
ghāti-pāti kardan qāti-pāti kardan colloq. to mix up, to jumble, to scramble, to confuse, to mess up قاطی‌پاطی کردن قاطی‌پاطی کردن
ghāegh-savāri kardan qāeq-savāri kardan to go boating قایق‌سواری کردن قایق‌سواری کردن
ghāem-mushak-bāzi kardan qāem-mushak-bāzi kardan to play hide-and seek, to play hide-and-go-seek قایم‌موشک‌بازی کردن قایم‌موشک‌بازی کردن
ghabul dāshtan qabul dāshtan to believe, to acknowledge, to recognize, to accept قبول داشتن قبول داشتن
ghabul shodan qabul shodan to be accepted, to be admitted, to pass قبول شدن قبول شدن
ghabul kardan qabul kardan to accept, to take, to undertake, to agree, to admit, to concede قبول کردن قبول کردن
  qadr-dāni kardan to appreciate, to acknowledge, to thank قدردانی کردن  
ghadeghan kardan qadeghan kardan to forbid, to prohibit, to bar; obs. to order, to command قدغن کردن قدغن کردن
ghadam gozāshtan qadam gozāshtan to set foot (upon), to step قدم گذاشتن قدم گذاشتن
ghor zadan qor zadan to grumble, to mutter قر زدن غر زدن
gharār budan qarār budan to be supposed (to), to be going (to), to be the plan (to) قرار بودن قرار بودن
gharār dādan qarār dādan to put, to settle, to position قرار دادن قرار دادن
gharār dāshtan qarār dāshtan to be located, to be set, to sit, to be at rest قرار داشتن قرار داشتن
gharār gozāshtan qarār gozāshtan to make an arrangement, to set a date, to set up an appointment, to agree قرار گذاشتن قرار گذاشتن
gharār gereftan qarār gereftan to be located, to rest, to become established, to sit down, to settle, to settle, to be based on, to perch, to alight قرار گرفتن قرار گرفتن
lamidan qarār gereftan to be located, to rest, to become established, to sit down, to settle, to settle, to be based on, to perch, to alight قرار گرفتن لمیدن
gharz gereftan qarz gereftan to borrow قرض گرفتن قرض گرفتن
ghor-ghor zadan qor-qor zadan onom. to grumble, قرقر زدن غرغر زدن
ghor-ghor kardan qor-qor kardan onom. to grumble قرقر کردن غرغر کردن
ghasd dāshtan qasd dāshtan to intend, to plan, to aim قصد داشتن قصد داشتن
ghesse goftan qesse goftan to tell a story قصه گفتن قصه گفتن
ghat shodan qat` shodan to be cut, to get disconnected قطع شدن قط شدن
ghat kardan qat` kardan to cut, to interrupt, to amputate, to crop قطع کردن قط کردن
ghofl kardan qofl kardan to lock, to bolt, to secure, to close, to fasten قفل کردن قفل کردن
gholop-gholop khordan qolop-qolop khordan onom. to drink one mouthful at-a-time, to take steady swigs قلپ‌قلپ خوردن قلپ‌قلپ خوردن
gholop-gholop kardan qolop-qolop kardan onom. to emit a squishing sound قلپ‌قلپ کردن قلپ‌قلپ کردن
gholop-gholop nushidan qolop-qolop nushidan onom. to drink one mouthful at-a-time, to take steady swigs قلپ‌قلپ نوشیدن قلپ‌قلپ نوشیدن
ghurt dādan qurt dādan to gulp, to swallow قورت دادن قورت دادن
gheimat porsidan ghaymat porsidan to ask the price قیمت پرسیدن قیمت پرسیدن
kār kardan kār kardan to work, to labor, to act, to behave, to operate کار کردن کار کردن
kāmel shodan kāmel shodan to become complete, to become perfect, to be completed کامل شدن کامل شدن
kāvosh kardan kāvesh kardan to search, to seek, to explore, to investigate, to excavate, to dig up, to dig, to excavate, to excavate, to burrow, to probe, to examine, to investigate کاوش کردن کاوش کردن
ketāb khundan ketāb khāndan to read, to read books کتاب خواندن کتاب خوندن
kotak khordan kotak khordan to get beaten, to get thrashed, to get hit کتک خوردن کتک خوردن
kotak zadan kotak zadan to beat, to thrash, to hit کتک زدن کتک زدن
ketmān kardan ketmān kardan to conceal, to deny, to disavow کتمان کردن کتمان کردن
keder shodan kader shodan to become blurred, to become opaque, to become murky; fig. to become upset کدر شدن کدر شدن
kerāvāt zadan kerāvāt zadan to put on a tie, to wear a tie کراوات زدن کراوات زدن
kasr dāshtan kasr dāshtan to lack, to need, to be short (of) کسر داشتن کسر داشتن
kasi ro film kardan kasi rā film kardan colloq. fig. to play a trick on and make someone the object of ridicule کسی را فیلم کردن کسی رو فیلم کردن
  kesht kardan to plant, to sow کشت کردن  
  kesht-o kār kardan to plant, to sow کشت و کار کردن  
koshti gereftan koshti gereftan to wrestle; fig to grapple کشتی گرفتن کشتی گرفتن
kishik keshidan keshik keshidan to stand guard, to keep watch, to patrol کشیک کشیدن کیشیک کشیدن
kalanjār raftan kalanjār raftan colloq. fig. to wrestle, to spar, to grapple, to bicker, to squabble کلنجار رفتن کلنجار رفتن
komak dādan komak dādan to help کمک دادن کمک دادن
komak resundan komak resāndan to help کمک رساندن کمک رسوندن
komak kardan komak kardan to help, to aid, to assit, to support کمک کردن کمک کردن
komak gereftan komak gereftan to take the help (of), to get help کمک گرفتن کمک گرفتن
kenār gozāshtan kenār gozāshtan to set aside, to reserve, to earmark; fig. to give up, to renounce, to leave, to give up, to give up, to relinquish, to kick out, to expel, to get rid of, to put aside, to remove, to sideline, to ignore کنار گذاشتن کنار گذاشتن
  kenār gozashtan to pass by کنار گذشتن  
kutāh kardan kutāh kardan to shorten, to make short, to crop, to abridge کوتاه کردن کوتاه کردن
kutāhi kardan kutāhi kardan to omit, to be remiss کوتاهی کردن کوتاهی کردن
kuchik shodan kuchak shodan to become small, to shrink کوچک شدن کوچیک شدن
kud dādan kud dādan to fertilize, to manure کود دادن کود دادن
kushesh kardan kushesh kardan to try, to struggle, to strive, to endeavor, to labor کوشش کردن کوشش کردن
kip shodan kip shodan colloq. to be chock, to be sealed, to be stuffed up کیپ شدن کیپ شدن
keifar dādan kayfar dādan to punish کیفر دادن کیفر دادن
keifar didan kayfar didan to be punished, to suffer punishment کیفر دیدن کیفر دیدن
kine varzidan kine varzidan to be vengeful, to hate کینه ورزیدن کینه ورزیدن
gāz dādan gāz dādan to step on the gas, to give it some gas, to speed up گاز دادن گاز دادن
gāz zadan gāz zadan to bite گاز زدن گاز زدن
gāz gereftan gāz gereftan to bite گاز گرفتن گاز گرفتن
gap zadan gap zadan to chat; obs. to talk nonsensically گپ زدن گپ زدن
gerāmi dāshtan gerāmi dāshtan to honor, to venerate گرامی داشتن گرامی داشتن
gardesh kardan gardesh kardan to stroll, to take a walk, to move along a path, to course گردش کردن گردش کردن
gardan-e kasi andākhtan gardan-e kasi andākhtan to blame, to charge, to charge, to appoint گردن کسی انداختن گردن کسی انداختن
goshnegi keshidan gorosnegi keshidan to starve گرسنگی کشیدن گشنگی کشیدن
goshne budan gorosne budan to be hungry گرسنه بودن گشنه بودن
gereftār shodan gereftār shodan to be caught; fig. to be caught up (in), to be trapped, to be busy گرفتار شدن گرفتار شدن
gerow gozāshtan geraw gozāshtan to pawn, to pledge, to mortgage, to pledge گرو گذاشتن گرو گذاشتن
gerowgān gereftan gerawgān gereftan to take hostage, to keep as surety گروگان گرفتن گروگان گرفتن
gerye kardan gerye kardan to cry گریه کردن گریه کردن
gozāresh dādan gozāresh dādan to report, to give a report گزارش دادن گزارش دادن
gozāresh shodan gozāresh shodan to be reported گزارش شدن گزارش شدن
gazāf goftan gazāf goftan to exaggerate گزاف گفتن گزاف گفتن
gostākhi kardan gostākhi kardan to behave rudely, to show incivility, to be irreverent, to be insolent, to be strident; obs. to be audacious گستاخی کردن گستاخی کردن
gostarde kardan gostarde kardan to widen, to broaden, to extend, to spread out گسترده کردن گسترده کردن
gostaresh dādan gostaresh dādan to expand, to develop, to make popular گسترش دادن گسترش دادن
goft-o shonud kardan goft-o shonud kardan to talk, to converse, to discuss گفت‌و شنود کردن گفت‌و شنود کردن
goft-o gu kardan goft-o gu kardan to talk, to converse, to discuss; obs. to bad-mouth گفت‌و گو کردن گفت‌و گو کردن
gofte shodan gofte shodan to be said گفته شدن گفته شدن
gol dādan gol dādan to put out flowers, to flower, to bloom گل دادن گل دادن
gol zadan gol zadan to hit a goal, to score a goal گل زدن گل زدن
gol kardan gol kardan to flower, to bloom; fig. to flourish گل کردن گل کردن
gol-kuchik bāzi kardan gol-kuchik bāzi kardan to play back-alley soccer, to play informal soccer گل‌کوچیک بازی کردن گل‌کوچیک بازی کردن
galu sāf kardan gelu sāf kardan to clear the throat گلو صاف کردن گلو صاف کردن
gelim-e khod ro az āb keshidan gelim-e khod rā az āb keshidan colloq. to cope گلیم خود را از آب کشیدن گلیم خود رو از آب کشیدن
gom kardan gom kardan to lose گم کردن گم کردن
gomān kardan gomān kardan to believe, to suspect, to doubt, to speculate گمان کردن گمان کردن
gonāh kardan gonāh kardan to sin, to do wrong گناه کردن گناه کردن
  gonah kardan lit. to sin, to do wrong گنه کردن  
gush dādan gush dādan to listen, to obey گوش دادن گوش دادن
gush kardan gush kardan to listen, to obey گوش کردن گوش کردن
gush-zad kardan gush-zad kardan to remind, to prod گوش‌زد کردن گوش‌زد کردن
gush-māli dādan gush-māli dādan to castigate, to chastise, to punish, to discipline گوش‌مالی دادن گوش‌مالی دادن
gitār zadan gitār zadan to play the guitar گیتار زدن گیتار زدن
gij shodan gij shodan to become dizzy, to get confused گیج شدن گیج شدن
gir umadan gir āmadan to be available, to be found گیر آمدن گیر اومدن
gir āvordan gir āvardan to find, to obtain, to get گیر آوردن گیر آوردن
gir kardan gir kardan to get stuck, to bog down, to get wedged in گیر کردن گیر کردن
lāzem dāshtan lāzem dāshtan to need, to require, to want, to lack لازم داشتن لازم داشتن
lās zadan lās zadan colloq. to flirt لاس زدن لاس زدن
lāghar shodan lāghar shodan to become thin, to lose weight لاغر شدن لاغر شدن
lāf zadan lāf zadan to boast, to exaggerate لاف زدن لاف زدن
lebās pushidan lebās pushidan to put on clothes لباس پوشیدن لباس پوشیدن
larz kardan larz kardan to shiver, to shiver لرز کردن لرز کردن
latme khordan latme khordan to suffer damage, to receive a blow, to get hurt, to become marred لطمه خوردن لطمه خوردن
latme zadan latme zadan to damage, to hurt, to prejudice, to compromise لطمه زدن لطمه زدن
latme vāred kardan latme vāred kardan to damage, to hurt, to prejudice, to compromise لطمه وارد کردن لطمه وارد کردن
lams kardan lams kardan to touch, to feel; fig. to experience, to experience لمس کردن لمس کردن
langar andākhtan langar andākhtan to cast anchor; fig. to stay, to sojourn, to stop لنگر انداختن لنگر انداختن
langar bar dāshtan langar bar dāshtan to weigh anchor; fig. to get moving, to leave, to flip لنگر بر داشتن لنگر بر داشتن
liz khordan liz khordan to slide, to skid, to stumble لیز خوردن لیز خوردن
lis zadan lis zadan to lick, to lap up لیس زدن لیس زدن
māt shodan māt shodan to be astonished, to be at a loss, to be helpless, to be checkmated مات شدن مات شدن
māt kardan māt kardan to astound, to checkmate; obs. to trick مات کردن مات کردن
mānovr dādan mānovr dādan to maneuver, to conduct training exercises مانور دادن مانور دادن
māhi gereftan māhi gereftan to fish ماهی گرفتن ماهی گرفتن
ma'mur kardan ma'mur kardan to charge, to hire, to commission, to assign, to assign, to appoint, to nominate, to name, to dispatch, to post مأمور کردن مأمور کردن
mobādele-ye adabi dāshtan mobādele-ye adabi dāshtan to carry on a literary correspondence, to write مبادلهٔ ادبی داشتن مبادلهٔ ادبی داشتن
mobādele kardan mobādele kardan to exchange, to exchange, to exchange, to swap, to barter; fig. to converse مبادله کردن مبادله کردن
mobtalā budan mobtalā budan afflicted (by), sick (with); lit. in the grip (of); fig. lit. in love مبتلا بودن مبتلا بودن
mobtalā shodan mobtalā shodan to fall sick (with), to be stricken (with); lit. to fall in love مبتلا شدن مبتلا شدن
mobtalā kardan mobtalā kardan to infect, to give a disease (to) مبتلا کردن مبتلا کردن
motehayyer kardan motahayyer kardan to surprise, to astonish, to amaze متحیر کردن متحیر کردن
moteallegh budan mota`alleq budan to belong متعلق بودن متعلق بودن
moteallegh shodan mota`alleq shodan to become owned (by), to become associated (with) متعلق شدن متعلق شدن
motemāyel shodan motamāyel shodan to become inclined (to), to lean (towards); obs. to move back and forth متمایل شدن متمایل شدن
motevāri shodan motavāri shodan to run away, to flee, to escape; obs. to hide out متواری شدن متواری شدن
motevajjeh budan motavajjeh budan to be directed (at), to be focused, to be attentive, to get, to understand متوجه بودن متوجه بودن
motevajjeh shodan motavajjeh shodan to notice, to notice, to realize, to perceive, to perceive, to understand, to realize, to register, to concentrate, to look متوجه شدن متوجه شدن
motevajjeh kardan motavajjeh kardan to call attention, to signal, to signalize, to motion, to communicate, to notify, to inform, to warn, to alert متوجه کردن متوجه کردن
motevaqqef shodan motavaqqef shodan to stop, to end متوقف شدن متوقف شدن
motevaqqef kardan motavaqqef kardan to stop, to end متوقف کردن متوقف کردن
motevalled shodan motavalled shodan to be born, to be given birth to متولد شدن متولد شدن
masal zadan masal zadan to give an example, to cite an example مثل زدن مثل زدن
mojāzāt shodan mojāzāt shodan to be punished مجازات شدن مجازات شدن
mojāzāt kardan mojāzāt kardan to punish مجازات کردن مجازات کردن
mohāsebe kardan mohāsebe kardan to calculate, to compute محاسبه کردن محاسبه کردن
mohāvere kardan mohāvere kardan to talk, to converse, to discuss محاوره کردن محاوره کردن
  mohavval kardan to transfer, to hand over محول کردن  
makhfi kardan makhfi kardan to conceal, to hide away مخفی کردن مخفی کردن
makhlut shodan makhlut shodan to be mixed, to be mingled, to intermix, to intermingle, to emulsify مخلوط شدن مخلوط شدن
makhlut kardan makhlut kardan to mix, to blend, to merge, to emulsify, to compound, to mill, to stir مخلوط کردن مخلوط کردن
modākhele kardan modākhele kardan to interfere, to interevene, to intrude, to meddle, to butt in مداخله کردن مداخله کردن
madad kardan madad kardan lit. to help مدد کردن مدد کردن
madfu kardan madfu` kardan to defecate مدفوع کردن مدفو کردن
marbut budan marbut budan to concern, to regard, to be related مربوط بودن مربوط بودن
morattab kardan morattab kardan to put in order, to tidy, to fix مرتب کردن مرتب کردن
mortakeb shodan mortakeb shodan to perpetrate مرتکب شدن مرتکب شدن
morakkab budan morakkab budan to consist (of), to include, to contain, to comprise, to be composed (of), to be compounded of مرکب بودن مرکب بودن
morakkab shodan morakkab shodan to consist (of), to include, to contain, to comprise, to be composed (of), to be compounded of مرکب شدن مرکب شدن
morakkab kardan morakkab kardan to compose (of), to form (of), to incorporate مرکب کردن مرکب کردن
morur kardan morur kardan to peruse, to review, to run through again, to recall, to revise, to rehearse, to survey, to travel مرور کردن مرور کردن
mariz budan mariz budan to be sick مریض بودن مریض بودن
mariz shodan mariz shodan to get sick مریض شدن مریض شدن
mariz kardan mariz kardan to make sick, to make ill, to sicken مریض کردن مریض کردن
mosābeghe dādan mosābeqe dādan to compete مسابقه دادن مسابقه دادن
mosāferat kardan mosāferat kardan to travel, to go on a trip, to voyage, to peregrinate مسافرت کردن مسافرت کردن
mostarah raftan mostarah raftan euph. to go to the toilet, to use the restroom, to go to the bathroom مسترح رفتن مسترح رفتن
mostarad kardan mostarad kardan lit. to return, to give back, to restore, to reimburse مسترد کردن مسترد کردن
masmum kardan masmum kardan to poison مسموم کردن مسموم کردن
mesvāk zadan mesvāk zadan to brush (one's teeth) مسواک زدن مسواک زدن
mesvāk kardan mesvāk kardan to brush (one's teeth) مسواک کردن مسواک کردن
mashghul budan mashghul budan to be occupied (with), to be busy مشغول بودن مشغول بودن
masraf shodan masraf shodan to be consumed, to be used مصرف شدن مصرف شدن
masraf kardan masraf kardan to use, to consume, to eat, to spend مصرف کردن مصرف کردن
motāle`e kardan motāle`e kardan to study, to read, to consider, to peruse, to inspect, to investigate, to study; obs. to see مطالعه کردن مطالعه کردن
matrah kardan matrah kardan to bring up, to put on the table مطرح کردن مطرح کردن
mo`āsherat kardan mo`āsherat kardan to socialize, to get together (with), to spend time (with), to associate (with) معاشرت کردن معاشرت کردن
moāleje kardan mo`āleje kardan to treat, to cure معالجه کردن معالجه کردن
mazerat khāstan ma`zerat khāstan to apologize, to seek pardon, to excuse oneself معذرت خواستن مذرت خواستن
  ma`zerat talabidan to apologize, to seek pardon, to excuse oneself معذرت طلبیدن  
mo`arrefi shodan mo`arrefi shodan to be introduced, to be presented, to be announced, to be reported, to be recommended, to be mentioned معرفی شدن معرفی شدن
mo`arrefi kardan mo`arrefi kardan to introduce, to present, to recommend, to report, to announce, to mention معرفی کردن معرفی کردن
mareke gereftan ma`reke gereftan to stage a performance, to put on a show; colloq. fig. to make a scene, to become the center of attention معرکه گرفتن مرکه گرفتن
ma:lum shodan ma`lum shodan to be found out, to be found out, to show, to turn out معلوم شدن معلوم شدن
ma:lum kardan ma`lum kardan to find out, to show, to show, to reveal, to inform, to fill in معلوم کردن معلوم کردن
maghshush kardan maghshush kardan to put in disarray, to confuse مغشوش کردن مغشوش کردن
maghlub kardan maghlub kardan to overcome, to defeat مغلوب کردن مغلوب کردن
maghlub kardan maqlub kardan to invert, to turn upside down, to reverse مقلوب کردن مقلوب کردن
mik zadan mak zadan to suck, to suck up, to suckle مک زدن میک زدن
mokāleme kardan mokāleme kardan to talk, to converse, to discuss مکالمه کردن مکالمه کردن
moltafet shodan moltafet shodan to notice, to notice, to perceive, to perceive, to realize, to realize, to understand, to beware, to register ملتفت شدن ملتفت شدن
moltafet kardan moltafet kardan to inform, to notify, to warn, to alert, to communicate, to motion, to signalize, to signal, to call attention ملتفت کردن ملتفت کردن
malach-muluch kardan malach-muluch kardan onom. to make chewing noises ملچ‌مولوچ کردن ملچ‌مولوچ کردن
melli shodan melli shodan to become nationalized ملی شدن ملی شدن
melli kardan melli kardan to nationalize ملی کردن ملی کردن
mamnu` kardan mamnu` kardan to prohibit, to forbid ممنوع کردن ممنوع کردن
montasher kardan montasher kardan to publish, to print, to publish, to disseminate منتشر کردن منتشر کردن
montaghel kardan montaqel kardan to transfer, to move, to shift, to transmit منتقل کردن منتقل کردن
monjamed shodan monjamed shodan to freeze, to become frozen, to congeal, to curdle; colloq. fig. to become motionless منجمد شدن منجمد شدن
monsaref shodan monsaref shodan to decide not to منصرف شدن منصرف شدن
monsaref kardan monsaref kardan to dissuade, to discourage, to deter, to steer away, to wean منصرف کردن منصرف کردن
man` kardan man` kardan to prevent, to check, to forbid, to prohibit, to inhibit, to disallow, to ban; obs. to discourage, to dissuade منع کردن منع کردن
monfajer shodan monfajer shodan to explode, to burst, to blow up منفجر شدن منفجر شدن
monfajer kardan monfajer kardan to blow up, to detonate منفجر کردن منفجر کردن
manfi-bāfi kardan manfi-bāfi kardan to by cynical, to be pessimistic, to speak in negative terms منفی‌بافی کردن منفی‌بافی کردن
  mankub sākhtan lit. to repress, to conquer, to defeat, to oppress, to overbear, to subdue, to quash, to checkmate منکوب ساختن  
  mankub kardan lit. to repress, to conquer, to defeat, to oppress, to overbear, to subdue, to quash, to checkmate منکوب کردن  
  mang kardan to daze, to boggle, to stupefy, to dumbfound منگ کردن  
mangene kardan mangane kardan to staple منگنه کردن منگنه کردن
mu boridan mu boridan to shave one's head in mourning, to give a ritual haircut مو بریدن مو بریدن
mu tarāshidan mu tarāshidan to shave one's hair مو تراشیدن مو تراشیدن
mu kutāh kardan mu kutāh kardan to get a hair cut, to trim one's hair مو کوتاه کردن مو کوتاه کردن
movāje budan movāje budan to be encountering, to be confronting مواجه بودن مواجه بودن
movāje shodan movāje shodan to face, to come up against مواجه شدن مواجه شدن
movāzeb budan movāzeb budan to be careful, to be attentive مواظب بودن مواظب بودن
mowred-e tajāvoz qarār dādan mawred-e tajāvoz qarār dādan to violate, to infringe, to transgress, to transgress, to attack, to assault, to rape مورد تجاوز قرار دادن مورد تجاوز قرار دادن
mowred-e tamaskhor gharār dādan mawred-e tamaskhor qarār dādan to make a fool of مورد تمسخر قرار دادن مورد تمسخر قرار دادن
mowred-e hamle qarār dādan mawred-e hamle qarār dādan to subject to attack, to attack مورد حمله قرار دادن مورد حمله قرار دادن
mowred-e goft-o-gu qarār dādan mawred-e goft-o-gu qarār dādan to subject to discussion, to put up for debate مورد گفت‌وگو دادن مورد گفت‌وگو دادن
mowze gereftan mawze` gereftan to take up, to position oneself موضع گرفتن موضع گرفتن
mowze-giri kardan mawze`-giri kardan to take up position, to align, to take a stance موضع‌گیری کردن موضع‌گیری کردن
miunji-gari kardan miānji-gari kardan to act as a go-between, to mediate, to intercede میانجی‌گری کردن میونجی‌گری کردن
mikh zadan mikh zadan to nail, to hammer میخ زدن میخ زدن
meil dāshtan mayl dāshtan to desire, to be inclined میل داشتن میل داشتن
meil kardan mayl kardan to desire; pol. to eat, to drink میل کردن میل کردن
  nābud shodan to be obliterated, to be destroyed, to be annihilated نابود شدن  
nābud kardan nābud kardan to destroy, to do away with نابود کردن نابود کردن
  nākhon chidan to trim one's nails, to clip nails ناخن چیدن  
nākhosh budan nākhosh budan to be sick ناخوش بودن ناخوش بودن
nākhosh shodan nākhosh shodan to get sick ناخوش شدن ناخوش شدن
nākhosh kardan nākhosh kardan to make sick, to make ill, to sicken ناخوش کردن ناخوش کردن
nādem budan nādem budan to regret نادم بودن نادم بودن
nādem shodan nādem shodan lit. to regret نادم شدن نادم شدن
nā-dide gereftan nā-dide gereftan to overlook, to forgive نادیده گرفتن نادیده گرفتن
nā-rāhat budan nā-rāhat budan to be uncomfortable, to be in distress, to be sad, to be irritated, to be rowdy, to be a trouble maker ناراحت بودن ناراحت بودن
nā-rāhat shodan nā-rāhat shodan to be uncomfortable, to get upset, to be saddened, to become unwell ناراحت شدن ناراحت شدن
nā-kām shodan nā-kām shodan to die young, to fail, to be unfulfilled; fig. to wither on the vine ناکام شدن ناکام شدن
nā-kām kardan nā-kām kardan to kill (a young person), to foil, to stymie, to frustrate, to sabotage, to prevent from reaching full potential ناکام کردن ناکام کردن
nā-kām gozāshtan na-kām gozāshtan to kill (a young person), to foil, to stymie, to frustrate, to sabotage, to prevent from reaching full potential ناکام گذاشتن ناکام گذاشتن
nāme neveshtan nāme neveshtan to write, to correspond نامه نوشتن نامه نوشتن
nāhār khordan nāhār khordan to eat lunch ناهار خوردن ناهار خوردن
  nejāt paydā kardan to obtain liberty, to be delivered, to find salvation, to escape نجات پیدا کردن  
neshun dādan neshān dādan to show, to demonstrate, to indicate, to give a medal (to) نشان دادن نشون دادن
nasb kardan nasb kardan to install, to affix, to position, to post, to set, to install نصب کردن نصب کردن
nasib shodan nasib shodan to befall, to be the destiny (of), to be one's lot نصیب شدن نصیب شدن
nafas birun dādan nafas birun dādan to exhale نفس بیرون دادن نفس بیرون دادن
nafas dākhel dādan nafas dākhel dādan to inhale نفس داخل دادن نفس داخل دادن
nafas zadan nafas zadan to breathe نفس زدن نفس زدن
nafas keshidan nafas keshidan to breathe, to inhale نفس کشیدن نفس کشیدن
nafas-nafas zadan nafas-nafas zadan to pant نفس‌نفس زدن نفس‌نفس زدن
naghghāshi kardan naqqāshi kardan to paint نقاشی کردن نقاشی کردن
naghsh bar āb kardan naqsh-e bar āb kardan fig. to foil, to ruin, to spoil, to upset, to undo, to nullify نقش بر آب کردن نقش بر آب کردن
  negāh afkandan to glance at, to take a look at نگاه افکندن  
nigā andākhtan negāh andākhtan to glance at, to take a look at نگاه انداختن نیگا انداختن
nigā kardan negāh kardan to look, to glance, to watch, to observe, to check; obs. to think, to reflect, to find نگاه کردن نیگا کردن
negah dāshtan negah dāshtan to hold, to save, to stop, to keep نگه داشتن نگه داشتن
navasān kardan navasān kardan to oscillate, to fluctuate نوسان کردن نوسان کردن
nush-e jun kardan nush-e jān kardan to eat heartily, to drink heartily نوش جان کردن نوش جون کردن
nahār khordan nahār khordan to eat lunch نهار خوردن نهار خوردن
niāz dāshtan niāz dāshtan to need, to require, to want, to lack نیاز داشتن نیاز داشتن
  nish zadan to sting, to bite نیش زدن  
vājed budan vājed budan to possess, to be eligible واجد بودن واجد بودن
vāred shodan vāred shodan to enter, to get inside وارد شدن وارد شدن
vāred kardan vāred kardan to import, to bring in, to enter, to inflict, to inform وارد کردن وارد کردن
vā-resi kardan vā-rasi kardan to look for, to search, to check up on, to examine, to examine, to search, to peruse, to rummage, to rifle, to inspect وارسی کردن وارسی کردن
vārune kardan vārune kardan to invert, to turn upside down, to reverse, to turn inside out وارونه کردن وارونه کردن
vāqe shodan vāqe` shodan to be located, to happen, to appear واقع شدن واقع شدن
vā-konesh kardan vā-konesh kardan to react واکنش کردن واکنش کردن
vā-konesh neshun dādan vā-konesh neshān dādan to react واکنش نشان دادن واکنش نشون دادن
  vāgozār kardan to hand over, to transfer, to leave, to give واگذار کردن  
vām gereftan vām gereftan to borrow وام گرفتن وام گرفتن
vā-nemud kardan vā-namud kardan to pretend, to act; obs. to reveal وانمود کردن وانمود کردن
vāheme dāshtan vāheme dāshtan to fear, to dread واهمه داشتن واهمه داشتن
vāheme kardan vāheme kardan to fear, to dread واهمه کردن واهمه کردن
var raftan var raftan colloq. to fiddle (with), to toy (with) to finger, to tinker ور رفتن ور رفتن
varje-vurje kardan varje-vurje kardan to hop, to frolic ورجه‌وورجه کردن ورجه‌وورجه کردن
varzesh kardan varzesh kardan to exercise, to do physical activity, to do sports ورزش کردن ورزش کردن
vesātat kardan vasātat kardan to go between, to intercede, to mediate, to arbitrate وساطت کردن وساطت کردن
vos`at dādan vos`at dādan to widen, to expand وسعت دادن وسعت دادن
vasvās dāshtan vasvās dāshtan to be obsessed, to have an obsession, to be particular, to be scrupulous وسواس داشتن وسواس داشتن
vasvase shodan vasvase shodan to be tempted, to be enticed وسوسه شدن وسوسه شدن
vasvase kardan vasvase kardan to tempt, to entice وسوسه کردن وسوسه کردن
vasl kardan vasl kardan to connect, to fasten وصل کردن وصل کردن
vatan sākhtan vatan sākhtan to settle (in), to reside (in), to take up residence (in), to make one's permanent place of residence وطن ساختن وطن ساختن
vatan kardan vatan kardan to settle (in), to reside (in), to take up residence (in), to make one's permanent place of residence وطن کردن وطن کردن
vakht kardan vaqt kardan to have time وقت کردن وقت کردن
vel kardan vel kardan to set free, to dismiss, to let go, to quit ول کردن ول کردن
vul khordan vul khordan to wiggle وول خوردن وول خوردن
virāyesh kardan virāesh kardan to edit, to edit, to edit out, to delete, to redact, to rewrite, to rewrite, to revise ویرایش کردن ویرایش کردن
violon zadan violon zadan to play the violin ویولن زدن ویولن زدن
hāki bāzi kardan hāki bāzi kardan to play hockey هاکی کردن هاکی کردن
hejji kardan hejji kardan to spell out, to read out syllable-by-syllable, to sound out words, to enunciate each syllable هجی کردن هجی کردن
hedāyat shodan hedāyat shodan to be guided, to be steered هدایت شدن هدایت شدن
hedāyat kardan hedāyat kardan to lead, to guide هدایت کردن هدایت کردن
hadar dādan hadar dādan to waste, to squander هدر دادن هدر دادن
hadar raftan hadar raftan to go to waste, to be destroyed, to be lost, to disappear هدر رفتن هدر رفتن
hedye dādan hadiye dādan to give a gift, to make a gift هدیه دادن هدیه دادن
hedye kardan hadiye kardan to give a gift, to make a gift هدیه کردن هدیه کردن
haziun goftan hazyān goftan to speak incoherently, to speak deliriously, to speak nonsense هذیان گفتن هذیون گفتن
harās dāshtan harās dāshtan to fear, to dread, to panic هراس داشتن هراس داشتن
harzegi kardan harzegi kardan to commit immoral acts, to be rude هرزگی کردن هرزگی کردن
hazine kardan hazine kardan to pay, to supply the funds, to fund, to expend, to shoulder (costs), to bear (costs) هزینه کردن هزینه کردن
hosh dāshtan hosh dāshtan lit. to be conscious, to be aware, to be awake هش داشتن هش داشتن
hosh kardan hosh kardan onom. to say 'whoa', to command a horse or livestock to halt هش کردن هش کردن
hoshyār budan hoshyār budan to be alert, to be sober, to be careful هشیار بودن هشیار بودن
hoshiyār shodan hoshiār shodan to regain consciousness, to become alert; fig. to become aware, to become sober هشیار شدن هشیار شدن
hoshiyār kardan hoshiār kardan to wake up, to stimulate, to quicken هشیار کردن هشیار کردن
heq-heq kardan heq-heq kardan to sob هق‌هق کردن هق‌هق کردن
hol dādan hol dādan to shove, to push, to jostle; fig. to nudge (someone) in the right direction هل دادن هل دادن
ham-zāt-pendāri kardan ham-zāt-pendāri kardan to identify هم‌ذات‌پنداری کردن هم‌ذات‌پنداری کردن
ham-rāh shodan ham-rāh shodan to travel (with), to go along (with), to join up (with), to fall in (with), to collaborate هم‌راه شدن هم‌راه شدن
ham-rāh kardan ham-rāh kardan to send along, to include, to attach, to set alongside; fig. to bring into the fold, to bring around هم‌راه کردن هم‌راه کردن
ham-rāhi kardan ham-rāhi kardan to accompany, to collaborate; fig. to help هم‌راهی کردن هم‌راهی کردن
ham-kāri kardan ham-kāri kardan to work together, to collaborate, to cooperate هم‌کاری کردن هم‌کاری کردن
hang kardan hang kardan comp. to hang; colloq. sl. to freeze (in surprise) هنگ کردن هنگ کردن
havā foru bordan havā foru bordan to inhale air هوا فرو بردن هوا فرو بردن
havā-giri kardan havā-giri kardan to bleed, to burp هواگیری کردن هواگیری کردن
hort keshidan hort keshidan to slurp هورت کشیدن هورت کشیدن
hushiyār shodan hushiār shodan to regain consciousness, to become alert; fig. to become aware, to become sober هوشیار شدن هوشیار شدن
hushiyār kardan hushiār kardan to wake up, to stimulate, to quicken هوشیار کردن هوشیار کردن
hei kardan hay kardan to shout 'giddyap', to command a horse or livestock to go forward, to urge on, to spur on; obs. to shout هی کردن هی کردن
yād umadan yād āmadan to remember یاد آمدن یاد اومدن
yād dādan yād dādan to teach, to educate, to train یاد دادن یاد دادن
yād raftan yād raftan to forget یاد رفتن یاد رفتن
yād kardan yād kardan to recall, to mention, to remember, to pay a visit یاد کردن یاد کردن
yād gereftan yād gereftan to learn, to memorize یاد گرفتن یاد گرفتن
yād-āvar shodan yād-āvar shodan to remind یاد‌آور شدن یاد‌آور شدن
yād-āvari kardan yād-āvari kardan to remind یادآوری کردن یادآوری کردن
yāri resundan yāri resāndan to help یاری رساندن یاری رسوندن
yāri kardan yāri kardan to help, to cooperate یاری کردن یاری کردن
yāvari kardan yāvari kardan to help یاوری کردن یاوری کردن
yakh bastan yakh bastan to freeze, to turn into ice یخ بستن یخ بستن
yakh kardan yakh kardan fig. colloq. to feel cold, to be freezing cold یخ کردن یخ کردن
yaghin dāshtan yaqin dāshtan to be certain, to be sure یقین داشتن یقین داشتن
yaghin shodan yaqin shodan to become convinced, to become sure یقین شدن یقین شدن
yaghin kardan yaqin kardan to make sure, to ascertain, to become convinced یقین کردن یقین کردن
yek-pārche kardan yek-pārche kardan to consolidate, to coalesce, to integrate یکپارچه کردن یکپارچه کردن
yurtme raftan yurtme raftan to trot یورتمه رفتن یورتمه رفتن