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taht-e farmān dāshtan [تحت فرمان داشتن]

Past Stem Present Stem
taht-e farmān dāsht taht-e farmān dār
  1. to command (commanding)
    Syn: dastur dādan, farmudan


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Positive Forms

 Simple PastImperfectPerfect SubjunctivePast Progressive
mantaht-e farmān dāshtamtaht-e farmān midāshtamtaht-e farmān dāshte bāshamdāshtam taht-e farmān midāshtam
totaht-e farmān dāshtitaht-e farmān midāshtitaht-e farmān dāshte bāshidāshti taht-e farmān midāshti
utaht-e farmān dāshttaht-e farmān midāshttaht-e farmān dāshte bāshaddāsht taht-e farmān midāsht
taht-e farmān dāshtimtaht-e farmān midāshtimtaht-e farmān dāshte bāshimdāshtim taht-e farmān midāshtim
shomātaht-e farmān dāshtidtaht-e farmān midāshtidtaht-e farmān dāshte bāshiddāshtid taht-e farmān midāshtid
ānhātaht-e farmān dāshtandtaht-e farmān midāshtandtaht-e farmān dāshte bāshanddāshtand taht-e farmān midāshtand
 Present PerfectPast PerfectPresent IndicativePresent Progressive
mantaht-e farmān dāshteamtaht-e farmān dāshte budamtaht-e farmān dāramdāram taht-e farmān midāram
totaht-e farmān dāshteitaht-e farmān dāshte buditaht-e farmān dāridāri taht-e farmān midāri
utaht-e farmān dāshte asttaht-e farmān dāshte budtaht-e farmān dāraddārad taht-e farmān midārad
taht-e farmān dāshteimtaht-e farmān dāshte budimtaht-e farmān dārimdārim taht-e farmān midārim
shomātaht-e farmān dāshteidtaht-e farmān dāshte budidtaht-e farmān dāriddārid taht-e farmān midārid
ānhātaht-e farmān dāshteandtaht-e farmān dāshte budandtaht-e farmān dāranddārand taht-e farmān midārand
 Present SubjunctiveFutureImperative
mantaht-e farmān dāramtaht-e farmān khāham dāsht 
totaht-e farmān dāritaht-e farmān khāhi dāshttaht-e farmān dār
utaht-e farmān dāradtaht-e farmān khāhad dāsht 
taht-e farmān dārimtaht-e farmān khāhim dāsht 
shomātaht-e farmān dāridtaht-e farmān khāhid dāshttaht-e farmān dārid
ānhātaht-e farmān dārandtaht-e farmān khāhand dāsht 

Negative Forms

 Simple PastImperfectPerfect Subjunctive
mantaht-e farmān nadāshtamtaht-e farmān nemidāshtamtaht-e farmān nadāshte bāsham
totaht-e farmān nadāshtitaht-e farmān nemidāshtitaht-e farmān nadāshte bāshi
utaht-e farmān nadāshttaht-e farmān nemidāshttaht-e farmān nadāshte bāshad
taht-e farmān nadāshtimtaht-e farmān nemidāshtimtaht-e farmān nadāshte bāshim
shomātaht-e farmān nadāshtidtaht-e farmān nemidāshtidtaht-e farmān nadāshte bāshid
ānhātaht-e farmān nadāshtandtaht-e farmān nemidāshtandtaht-e farmān nadāshte bāshand
 Present PerfectPast PerfectPresent Indicative
mantaht-e farmān nadāshteamtaht-e farmān nadāshte budamtaht-e farmān nadāram
totaht-e farmān nadāshteitaht-e farmān nadāshte buditaht-e farmān nadāri
utaht-e farmān nadāshte asttaht-e farmān nadāshte budtaht-e farmān nadārad
taht-e farmān nadāshteimtaht-e farmān nadāshte budimtaht-e farmān nadārim
shomātaht-e farmān nadāshteidtaht-e farmān nadāshte budidtaht-e farmān nadārid
ānhātaht-e farmān nadāshteandtaht-e farmān nadāshte budandtaht-e farmān nadārand
 Present SubjunctiveFutureImperative
mantaht-e farmān nadāramtaht-e farmān nakhāham dāsht 
totaht-e farmān nadāritaht-e farmān nakhāhi dāshttaht-e farmān nadār
utaht-e farmān nadāradtaht-e farmān nakhāhad dāsht 
taht-e farmān nadārimtaht-e farmān nakhāhim dāsht 
shomātaht-e farmān nadāridtaht-e farmān nakhāhid dāshttaht-e farmān nadārid
ānhātaht-e farmān nadārandtaht-e farmān nakhāhand dāsht 

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