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Persian Sentences

You are viewing sentences with /be-zir/ 'down(wards)' written combined as one word with the nim-fāsele (zwnj).

other /be-/ combinations - be-zir combined with zwnj - be-zir as 2 separate words - be-zir as one word

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پیامبر به سرعت از منبر بهزیر (= به‌زیر) آمد.

payāmbar be sor`at az menbar be-zir āmad

The prophet quickly came down from the pulpit. (Submitted by Connie on Aug 31, 2010)

بهزیر with the /be/ joined to the /zir/ is seen when the ZWNJ has not been correctly typed. (centralclubs.com) See verbs of this sentence: آمدن

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