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Persian Sentences

You are viewing sentences showing translations into Persian of English inferential-clefts.

it- - wh- - Reversed wh-cleft/Pseudo-cleft - all- - inferential- - there- - if-because- - th-

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به خاطر این نیست که دوسش داره. قضیه اینه که اون جوری که با اون هست یه جور دیگه‌س.

be khāter-e in nist ke dus-esh dāre. ghaziye in-e ke un-jur-i ke bā un hast ye-jur-e dig-a-s

It is not that he loves her. It's just that he has a way with her that is different. (Submitted by webmaster for Behnam on Nov 30, 2011)

This example is in Spoken style. (source) See verbs of this sentence: بودن، داشتن، دوست داشتن

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