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Persian Sentences

You are viewing sentences showing usage of /bahr-e/, a very high literary equivalent of /barā-ye/ meaning "for the sake of".

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بهر خود بهر همه لطفی کنیم.

bahr-e khod bahr-e hame lotf-i konim

Let's do ourselves and others a favor. (Submitted by Connie on Sep 4, 2010)

Poem line. (iranblog.com) See verbs of this sentence: بودن، کردن

س لذّت و گوارایی، نصیب ایشان شود و ننگ آن در دنیا و آخرت بهر تو گردد.

pas lezzat-o govārāi nasib-e ishān shavad-o nang-e ān dar donyā-o ākherat bahr-e to gardad

Then joy and happiness will be their share and for you there will only be disgrace for those things (they did) in this world and the next. (Submitted by Connie on Sep 1, 2010)

(hoqouq.com) See verbs of this sentence: گشتن، شدن

بهر من نامه بده.

bahr-e man nāme bede

Give me / Grant me/ bestow upon me a letter. (Submitted by Connie on Sep 1, 2010)

This example is in Spoken style. Probably said jokingly among friends, normally /bahr-e/ is for literary use only. (fanoosedaria.blogsky.com) See verbs of this sentence: دادن

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