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Persian Sentences

You are viewing sentences with 2nd, sing. personal suffix attached to a noun + adjective phrase, written/formal, various spelling styles.

-et, spoken - -at, written

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-a-t, (def. article) spoken

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دوست دارم موهای زیبایت را شانه کنم.

dust dāram mu-hā-ye zibā-y-at rā shāne konam

I love to comb your beautiful hair. (Submitted by webmaster for Mehdi Torabian on Sep 4, 2010)

See verbs of this sentence: کردن، داشتن، دوست داشتن، شانه کردن

نام بلندت به جهان زنده باد!

nām-e boland-at be jahān zende bād

May your esteemed name / reputation remain alive in the world! (Submitted by Connie on Sep 4, 2010)

(nasimeharaz.com) See verbs of this sentence: بودن

آیا اگر می‌خواستی شب خانهٔ دوستت بمانی پدرت اجازه می‌داد؟

āyā agar mikhāsti shab khāne-ye dust-at bemāni pedar-at ejāze midād?

If you wanted / should want to spend the night at a friend's house, would your father allow it? (Submitted by Connie on Sep 3, 2010)

(zahra-hb.com) See verbs of this sentence: دادن، خواستن، ماندن، اجازه دادن

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