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spoken written نوشتاری گفتاری
ājidan ājidan to bore, to puncture, to lance, to prick, to perforate, to give a waffle pattern, to groove, to give a tread, to granulate, to embroider آجیدن آجیدن
  ākhtan to unsheathe (sword), to draw, to extend, to raise, to hold in position for use (weapon, musical instrument) آختن  
  ārāstan to adorn, to decorate, to arrange آراستن  
  āzordan to annoy, to torment آزردن  
  āzmudan to test آزمودن  
āsudan āsudan to rest, to repose; obs. to stop, to live comfortably, to rest آسودن آسودن
  āshoftan to become angry, to be disturbed; obs. to disturb, to make chaotic, to agitate, to make angry, to riot آشفتن  
  āghashtan to dip, to mix, to smear, to macerate, to welter, to impregnate, to pollute آغشتن  
  āgheshtan to impregnate, to mix, to taint, to pollute, to contaminate; obs. to become wet آغشتن  
  āfaridan to create آفریدن  
  ākandan lit. to stuff, to fill, to pack; obs. to imbue, to collect, to bury آکندن  
  āgandan lit. to stuff, to fill, to pack; obs. to imbue, to collect, to bury (variant of āgandan) آگندن  
  āludan to contaminate آلودن  
  āmādan to prepare, to equip آمادن  
umadan * āmadan to come Basic آمدن اومدن *
āmorzidan āmorzidan to forgive آمرزیدن آمرزیدن
āmukhtan āmukhtan to learn, to teach آموختن آموختن
āmikhtan āmikhtan to mix, to associate آمیختن آمیختن
āvardan āvardan to bring Basic آوردن آوردن
āvordan * āvardan to bring Basic آوردن آوردن *
  āvikhtan to hang, to suspend آویختن  
  āhikhtan obs. to unsheathe (sword), to draw, to extend, to raise, to hold in position for use, to draw out, to pull off, to raise آهیختن  
arzidan arzidan to be worth, to cost ارزیدن ارزیدن
oftādan * oftādan to fall Basic افتادن افتادن *
  afrākhtan to elevate, to hoist, to exalt افراختن  
  afrāshtan to elevate, hoist, exalt افراشتن  
  afrukhtan kindle افروختن  
afzudan afzudan to add, to increase, to increase, to augment, to intensify, to enhance, to amplify, to attach, to grow افزودن افزودن
  afsordan to become sad, to become depressed; obs. to freeze افسردن  
  afshordan to press, to squeeze افشردن  
  afkandan to throw, to project افکندن  
  anbāshtan to fill up, to store, to hoard انباشتن  
anjāmidan anjāmidan to result (in), to end up (with), to culminate (in), to lead (to); obs. to end, to carry out, to complete انجامیدن انجامیدن
andākhtan * andākhtan to cast انداختن انداختن *
  andukhtan to amass, to accumulate, to save اندوختن  
  andudan to plaster, to coat اندودن  
andishidan andishidan to think, to reflect, to philosophize, to ratiocinate, to conceptualize, to consider, to opine, to fear اندیشیدن اندیشیدن
  engāshtan to think, to imagine انگاشتن  
angikhtan angikhtan to awaken, to excite, to stimulate, to arouse, to animate, to invigorate انگیختن انگیختن
istādan istādan to stand, to stand up, to stay, to remain, to stay in place, to stand, to stop, to hold on, to stand, to endure, to hold out, to hold out, to last, to expect, to put up with, to settle Basic ایستادن ایستادن
  bākhtan to lose, to play باختن  
  bārāndan to rain باراندن  
  bārānidan to rain بارانیدن  
bāridan bāridan to rain, to fall, to come at; fig. to ooze forth باریدن باریدن
bāftan bāftan to weave, to braid, to fabricate بافتن بافتن
  bālidan to boast, to pride oneself, to grow بالیدن  
bāyestan * bāyestan to have to, to need to, must بایستن بایستن *
  bakhshāidan obs. to pity, to have mercy بخشاییدن  
  bakhshudan obs. to pity, to have mercy بخشودن  
bakhshidan bakhshidan to grant, to grant forgiveness Basic بخشیدن بخشیدن
  barāzidan to become, to suit, to befit برازیدن  
bordan bordan to carry, to lead, to win Basic بردن بردن
boridan boridan to cut Basic بریدن بریدن
bastan bastan to close, to tie, to fasten Basic بستن بستن
balidan bal`idan to swallow, to devour بلعیدن بلعیدن
budan * budan to be, to exist Basic بودن بودن *
busidan busidan to kiss بوسیدن بوسیدن
  buidan obs. to smell, to smell بوییدن  
be khod umadan be khod āmadan to come to; fig. to awaken, to wake up به خود آمدن به خود اومدن
  bikhtan to sift, to bolt بیختن  
pāshidan pāshidan to scatter, to disperse, to disintegrate پاشیدن پاشیدن
  pāludan to filter, to refine پالودن  
pokhtan pokhtan to cook Basic پختن پختن
paziroftan paziroftan to accept, to admit, to adopt پذیرفتن پذیرفتن
  parākandan to scatter, to disperse پراکندن  
parundan parāndan to cause to fly, to throw; fig. to utter, to wake up suddenly, to chase away; fig. to inject, to spice up, to startle پراندن پروندن
pardākhtan pardākhtan to polish, to pay, to proceed پرداختن پرداختن
porsidan porsidan to ask, to inquire پرسیدن پرسیدن
  parvardan to rear, to foster, to cherish پروردن  
  parhikhtan obs. to abstain, to keep away پرهیختن  
  parhizidan to abstain, to keep away پرهیزیدن  
paridan paridan to fly, to fly, to jump, to startle, to jump Basic پریدن پریدن
pazhuhidan pezhuhidan obs. to research, to search, to investigate, to inquire, to look for, to examine, to examine, to consider, to inspect پژوهیدن پژوهیدن
  pasandidan to admire, to prefer, to choose, to select پسندیدن  
  pendāridan obs. to suppose, to imagine, to suppose پنداریدن  
pendāshtan pendāshtan lit. to suppose, imagine, to suppose, to believe, to consider پنداشتن پنداشتن
pushidan pushidan to put on, to wear, to cover Basic پوشیدن پوشیدن
pichidan pichidan to wind, to wrap, to twist, to bend, to roll up پیچیدن پیچیدن
  pirāstan to trim, to decorate, to dress up پیراستن  
  payrāstan to trim, to decorate پیراستن  
  paymudan to travel, to measure پیمودن  
  payvastan to join پیوستن  
tākhtan tākhtan to gallop, to race, to hurry, to rush, to assault تاختن تاختن
  tāftan to twist, to shine, to scorch تافتن  
tapidan tapidan to beat, to palpitate تپیدن تپیدن
tepidan tepidan to be crammed (into) تپیدن تپیدن
tarāshidan tarāshidan to shave, to scrape, to cut, to sharpen, to whittle, to hew, to carve, to erase, to pare, to abrade, to grind; colloq. fig. to wear down, to forge, to bring about, to create تراشیدن تراشیدن
tarāvundan tarāvāndan to exude, to shed, to leak, to drip, to percolate, to permeate, to leach تراواندن تراوندن
tarāvidan tarāvidan to ooze, to leak, to dribble, to drip, to percolate تراویدن تراویدن
tarsundan tarsāndan to frighten ترساندن ترسوندن
tarsidan tarsidan to fear ترسیدن ترسیدن
terekidan tarakidan to explode ترکیدن ترکیدن
tamargidan tamargidan rude to sit, to sit down تمرگیدن تمرگیدن
tunestan * tavānestan to be able Basic توانستن تونستن *
  tukhtan obs. to perform, to repay, to wish, to search, to amass, to acquire توختن  
tighidan tighidan sl. to milk, to swindle تیغیدن تیغیدن
  jastan to jump, to leap جستن  
  jostan to seek, to find جستن  
  jonbāndan to move, to shake, to nod, to wag جنباندن  
  jonbānidan to move, to shake, to nod, to wag جنبانیدن  
  jonbidan to move, to shake, to get going جنبیدن  
  jangidan to war, to fight, to wage war, to quarrel; fig. to persevere جنگیدن  
jushundan jushāndan to boil, to bring to a boil, to simmer جوشاندن جوشوندن
jushidan jushidan to boil, to come to a boil, to gurgle, to stew, to effervesce; fig. to become agitated, to fret, to fume جوشیدن جوشیدن
āshoftan jushidan to boil, to come to a boil, to gurgle, to stew, to effervesce; fig. to become agitated, to fret, to fume جوشیدن آشفتن
  javidan to chew جویدن  
  juidan obs. to seek, to find جوییدن  
charkhidan charkhidan to circle, to rotate, to roam, to be managed, to be running چرخیدن چرخیدن
chasbundan chasbāndan to stick, to glue, to paste چسباندن چسبوندن
chasbidan chasbidan to adhere, to stick, to be stuck (to), to cling, to grip چسبیدن چسبیدن
cheshidan chashidan to taste; fig. to taste, to savor, to sip; fig. to experience, to experience چشیدن چشیدن
  chidan to pluck چیدن  
khārundan khārāndan to scratch, to scrape, to scratch خاراندن خاروندن
khāridan khāridan lit. to itch, to scratch, to itch, to itch, to prickle; lit. to scratch خاریدن خاریدن
khāstan khāstan to arise, to grow, to move upward, to grow, to develop خاستن خاستن
  khāidan obs. to chew, to slander خاییدن  
kharāshundan kharāshāndan to scratch, to scrape, to rasp خراشاندن خراشوندن
  kharāmidan to strut, to walk gracefully; obs. to go, to come خرامیدن  
kharidan kharidan to buy Basic خریدن خریدن
  khosbidan obs. to sleep, to settle down خسبیدن  
  khospidan obs. to sleep خسپیدن  
khoshkundan khoshkāndan to dry, to make dry خشکاندن خشکوندن
  khoftan obs. to sleep خفتن  
khandidan khandidan to laugh, to smile; obs. to cheer up, to bloom خندیدن خندیدن
khābidan khābidan to sleep, to fall asleep, to lie down, to lie; fig. to go to bed, to settle down, to settle; fig. to settle, to idle, to diminish, to lie, to fall in Basic خوابیدن خوابیدن
khāstan * khāstan to want Basic خواستن خواستن *
khundan khāndan to read, to study, to study, to study, to recite, to recite, to call out, to call Basic خواندن خوندن
khorundan khorāndan to feed خوراندن خوروندن
khordan * khordan to eat, to drink, to hit, to suit; fig. to eat up, to eat into, to eat Basic خوردن خوردن *
dādan * dādan to give Basic دادن دادن *
dāshtan * dāshtan to have Basic داشتن داشتن *
dunestan * dānestan to know, to find out Basic دانستن دونستن *
derāzidan   sl. to stretch out, to lie down   درازیدن
  dorudan obs. to reap درودن  
  deravidan obs. to harvest, to cut the crops درویدن  
  daridan to tear دریدن  
dozdidan dozdidan to steal دزدیدن دزدیدن
damidan damidan obs. to blow, to breathe, to blossom, to appear دمیدن دمیدن
davundan davāndan to make run, to cause to run دواندن دووندن
  dukhtan obs. to milk دوختن  
  dukhtan to sew Basic دوختن  
dushidan dushidan to milk; colloq. to exploit دوشیدن دوشیدن
doidan * davidan to run Basic دویدن دویدن *
didan didan to see, to see, to see, to see, to see, to see, to see, to see, to see, to see, to see, to see, to see Basic دیدن دیدن
rundan rāndan to drive Basic راندن روندن
  robudan to seize, to snatch ربودن  
resundan resāndan to cause to reach, to deliver, to supply, to supply, to convey, to express, to transmit, to take, to fetch, to make it through رساندن رسوندن
  rostan to grow رستن  
  rastan to be delivered, to escape رستن  
residan * residan to reach Basic رسیدن رسیدن *
  reshtan to spin رشتن  
raftan * raftan to go, to go away Basic رفتن رفتن *
  roftan to sweep رفتن  
raghsidan raqsidan to dance رقصیدن رقصیدن
  ruidan to grow روییدن  
rikhtan rikhtan to pour, to throw, to shed, to flow, to fall Basic ریختن ریختن
ridan ridan vulg. to shit ریدن ریدن
  zādan to bring forth, to be born زادن  
zadan * zadan to hit; colloq. to play, to type, to go, to play, to play, to play, to drum, to drum Basic زدن زدن *
  zodudan to rub off, to scour زدودن  
zangidan zangidan sl. to phone, to call زنگیدن زنگیدن
  zistan to live زیستن  
zhulidan zhulidan to become disheveled, to become chaotic, to become messed up; obs. to make disheveled, to upset ژولیدن ژولیدن
sābidan sābidan colloq. to rub, to polish, to grind, to wear out سابیدن سابیدن
sākhtan sākhtan to construct, to create Basic ساختن ساختن
sāidan sāidan to rub hard, to grind, to pulverize, to rasp, to wear away; obs. to become rubbed, to become ground ساییدن ساییدن
  separdan obs. to traverse, to pass سپردن  
  sepordan to entrust, to deposit, to order سپردن  
  setādan not found ستادن  
  setadan to take ستدن  
  setordan obs. to clean; fig. obs. to obliterate; obs. to shave ستردن  
  sotudan to praise ستودن  
  sereshtan to mix, to mold, to form; obs. fig. to create; obs. to knead سرشتن  
  sorudan to sing, to compose, to recite سرودن  
soridan soridan to slide, to skid, to slip سریدن سریدن
  softan not found سفتن  
  softan obs. to bore, to pierce سفتن  
  segālidan obs. to think, to contrive, to deliberate, to advise سگالیدن  
  sukhtan to burn Basic سوختن  
  sudan to rub, to grind سودن  
suzundan suzāndan to set on fire, to burn سوزاندن سوزوندن
shāshidan shāshidan colloq. to piss, to pee, to urinate شاشیدن شاشیدن
  shāyestan obs. to befit, to merit شایستن  
  shetābidan obs. to hurry شتابیدن  
shetāftan shetāftan to hurry شتافتن شتافتن
shodan * shodan to become Basic شدن شدن *
shostan * shostan to wash Basic شستن شستن *
  shekāftan to split, to cleave, to unsew, to unstitch, to undo, to analyze, to be unstitched شکافتن  
  shekāfidan obs. to split, to cleave, to unsew, to unstitch, to undo, to analyze, to be unstitched شکافیدن  
shekundan * shekāndan to cause to break, to break شکاندن شکوندن *
shekastan * shekastan to break, to become broken Basic شکستن شکستن *
  shekoftan to open (flowers), to cheer up, to smile شکفتن  
  shokufidan obs. to open (flowers), to cheer up, to smile شکوفیدن  
  shekufidan obs. to open (flowers), to cheer up, to smile شکوفیدن  
  shakibidan obs. to wait, to be patient, to tolerate شکیبیدن  
  shekibidan obs. to wait, to be patient, to tolerate شکیبیدن  
shalidan shalidan colloq. to limp, to limp شلیدن شلیدن
shomordan shomordan to count, to reckon شمردن شمردن
shenākhtan shenākhtan to know, to recognize, to know, to recognize, to recognize, to consider, to know, to know, to identify, to recognize Basic شناختن شناختن
  shenoftan not found شنفتن  
  shonudan obs. to hear, to listen شنودن  
shenidan * shenidan to hear Basic شنیدن شنیدن *
sarfidan sarfidan colloq. to cost, to be worth, to get one's money's worth صرفیدن صرفیدن
  talabidan to ask, to need, to call, to invite, to summon; obs. to seek, to demand طلبیدن  
  ghonudan obs. to sleep غنودن  
  farsāidan to wear (out), to rub (off), to become worn, to obliterate; fig. to tire; fig. obs. to become tired; obs. to decrease فرساییدن  
ferestādan * ferestādan to send فرستادن فرستادن *
  farsudan to wear (out), to rub (off), to become worn, to obliterate; fig. to tire; fig. obs. to become tired; obs. to decrease فرسودن  
farmudan farmudan to command; pol. to say, to do فرمودن فرمودن
forukhtan forukhtan to sell, to sell off Basic فروختن فروختن
  afrukhtan to kindle فروختن  
  fariftan to deceive فریفتن  
  fesordan obs. to be extinguished, to be frozen, to freeze, to congeal, to grow numb, to become sad, to become depressed فسردن  
  feshordan to press, to squeeze Basic فشردن  
  fakandan to throw, to project فکندن  
fahmundan fahmāndan to make understand, to explain, to communicate فهماندن فهموندن
fahmidan fahmidan to understand, to understand, to understand, to understand, to sympathize Basic فهمیدن فهمیدن
  kāstan to be decreased, to decrease, to diminish کاستن  
  kāshtan to plant, to sow کاشتن  
  kāftan obs. to split, to dig, to dig up, to excavate کافتن  
kāvidan kāvidan obs. to excavate, to dig up, to excavate, to excavate, to dig, to dig, to dig up, to burrow; lit. to search; obs. fig. to fiddle; lit. to seek, to explore; obs. to annoy, to ransack کاویدن کاویدن
kardan * kardan to do Basic کردن کردن *
keshundan keshāndan to pull, to attract, to pull, to pull, to pull, to pull out, to drag, to drag, to draw, to draw, to draw, to lead, to lead, to prolong کشاندن کشوندن
  keshānidan obs. to pull, to attract, to pull, to pull, to pull, to pull out, to drag, to drag, to draw, to draw, to draw, to lead, to lead, to prolong کشانیدن  
koshtan koshtan to kill Basic کشتن کشتن
  keshtan obs. to plant, to sow کشتن  
keshidan keshidan to convey, to carry, to lead, to pull, to attract, to draw, to draw, to take out, to draw, to stretch, to smoke, to touch, to rub, to weigh, to endure, to thread, to hang, to extract, to last, to sketch, to draw Basic کشیدن کشیدن
kandan kandan to dig, to excavate, to dig up, to dig, to excavate, to excavate, to burrow, to extract, to take off, to pare, to husk, to hoe, to shovel, to uproot, to pull off, to pluck, to carve; fig. to depart; obs. to destroy کندن کندن
kubidan kubidan to beat, to hammer, to pound, to stamp کوبیدن کوبیدن
  kushidan to endeavour, to try, to make an effort; obs. to war کوشیدن  
  kuftan to knock, to strike, to beat, to trample, to shake کوفتن  
  godākhtan to melt گداختن  
gozāshtan * gozāshtan to put; fig. to let, to allow, to permit, to leave; fig. to abandon, to give up, to give up, to forget, to lay down, to wait, to postpone; colloq. to put on, to put on, to put on; colloq. fig. to put on Basic گذاشتن گذاشتن *
gozarundan gozarāndan to spend, to pass through, to cause to pass گذراندن گذروندن
gozashtan gozashtan to pass, to pass through, to surpass, to exceed, to overlook Basic گذشتن گذشتن
gardundan gardāndan to take sightseeing, to circulate, to rotate, to spin, to wind; fig. to manage, to change, to transform; obs. fig. to drive away, to reject, to translate گرداندن گردوندن
gardidan gardidan to become, to circle, to spin, to wander, to stroll, to be circulated; fig. to progress, to search (for), to turn away (from); fig. to sacrifice oneself (for) گردیدن گردیدن
gereftan * gereftan to take, to take, to take, to hold, to grip, to grab, to catch, to seize, to acquire, to capture, to get, to accept, to adopt, to get, to grip, to arrest, to begin, to surround, to undertake Basic گرفتن گرفتن *
  gorikhtan to flee, to flee, to escape گریختن  
  geristan lit. to weep, to cry گریستن  
gozārdan gozārdan to perform, to perform, to carry out, to do, to express, to convey, to pay, to interpret گزاردن گزاردن
  gozidan to choose, to prefer گزیدن  
gazidan gazidan to bite, to sting گزیدن گزیدن
  gosestan not found گسستن  
  gosastan to break off, to disconnect گسستن  
  gosikhtan to break (off), to become torn, to tear; obs. to become broken گسیختن  
  goshādan obs. to open, to become opened گشادن  
gashtan * gashtan to turn, to turn around, to circulate, to ramble, to search, to become گشتن گشتن *
  goshudan to open, to become opened گشودن  
goftan * goftan to say, to speak, to compose (poetry), to tell; sl. to invite; fig. to understand; obs. to sing Basic گفتن گفتن *
gomāshtan gomāshtan to appoint, to charge, to hire, to assign, to assign, to post, to name, to nominate, to place, to recruit, to dispatch, to install گماشتن گماشتن
lāgharidan lāgharidan sl. to become thin, to lose weight لاغریدن لاغریدن
lāfidan lāfidan to brag, to exaggerate لافیدن لافیدن
larzundan larzāndan to move, to jar, to shake, to vibrate لرزاندن لرزوندن
larzidan larzidan to shake, to tremble, to shake, to vibrate, to quake, to shiver, to shiver, to waver; fig. to fear, to jar لرزیدن لرزیدن
  lestan obs. to lick لستن  
  leshtan obs. to lick لشتن  
laghzidan laghzidan to slide, to slip, to skid, to trip, to stumble, to coast, to soar; fig. to err, to stumble, to stray, to fall, to fall لغزیدن لغزیدن
lombundan lombāndan colloq. to pig out, to eat greedily لمباندن لمبوندن
  lamidan to lounge, to relax, to recline, to recline, to repose; fig. to be located لمیدن  
langidan langidan to limp; fig. to limp لنگیدن لنگیدن
lisidan lisidan to lick, to lap up لیسیدن لیسیدن
  mālāndan to rub, to make even, to clean; fig. to punish مالاندن  
mālidan mālidan to rub, to smear, to massage; sl. to bump; obs. to stomp on; fig. obs. to punish; obs. to groom, to clean مالیدن مالیدن
mundan māndan to remain Basic ماندن موندن
  mānestan to resemble مانستن  
mordan mordan to die Basic مردن مردن
  moshtan obs. to rub مشتن  
  meshtan obs. to rub, to knead مشتن  
mekidan makidan to suck, to suck up, to suckle مکیدن مکیدن
  muidan obs. to lament, to mourn, to weep موییدن  
nāzidan nāzidan to boast, to be proud of; obs. to strut, to act coyly, to plead نازیدن نازیدن
  nālidan to groan, to moan, to lament, to complain; obs. to become sick نالیدن  
nāmidan nāmidan to name, to call نامیدن نامیدن
  neshāstan obs. to seat, to set, to sit نشاستن  
neshundan neshāndan to seat, to set, to install, to plant, to calm, to lessen نشاندن نشوندن
neshastan * neshastan to sit, to sit down, to dwell; fig. to subside, to sit, to sit around, to socialize, settle; fig. to settle, to wait, get on, to sink; fig. to decrease, to occupy Basic نشستن نشستن *
  negāshtan to paint, to draw; lit. to write, to write, to write, to write, to write نگاشتن  
  negaristan to look, to see, to view نگریستن  
  nemudan to show, to appear, to seem نمودن  
navākhtan navākhtan to caress, to play, to play, to play نواختن نواختن
  navardidan obs. to traverse, to roam, to wander, to navigate, to roll up, to rub together, to put aside, to leave نوردیدن  
neveshtan neveshtan to write, to write, to write Basic نوشتن نوشتن
nushidan nushidan to drink نوشیدن نوشیدن
  nahādan to place, to lay, to store نهادن  
  nahoftan to hide; obs. to bury, to become hidden نهفتن  
  vā gozāshtan to transfer, to turn over, to hand over, to entrust, to cede, to leave, to abandon وا گذاشتن  
varzidan varzidan to exercise, to train, to cultivate, to knead ورزیدن ورزیدن
  vazidan to blow وزیدن  
virāstan virāstan to edit, to edit, to edit out, to delete, to redact, to rewrite, to rewrite, to revise ویراستن ویراستن
harāsidan harāsidan to fear, to be terrified هراسیدن هراسیدن
  heshtan obs. to put, to leave, to leave behind هشتن  
  yākhtan obs. to reach for, to pick up, to raise یاختن  
  yārestan obs. to have the power or courage, to be able یارستن  
  yāzidan obs. to hold up, to lift, to touch, to be held, to be hanging, to bend, to intend یازیدن  
yāftan yāftan to find, to obtain یافتن یافتن