Shutdown Hotkey - ver. 1.2 (for Windows 95/98/NT)

If you tired of clicking to shutdown or reboot your computer, if you want to do it by one-touch then you will like this program. Just download it. It's FREE. After you launch it an icon will appear in the system tray (the best way is to place a program shortcut into the Startup folder).

Now you can:

  1. Press Ctrl+Shift+Alt+Z to shutdown the computer; press Ctrl+Shift+Alt+A to reboot the computer; press Ctrl+Shift+Alt+S to log off the computer.
  1. Right click to show a menu and choose Log off, Shutdown, Reboot or Exit the program

  1. Double click to show a shutdown dialog where you can click on an option button and click OK or just double click on the option button; click Cancel to hide the dialog or click Exit to unload the program.

Download the program now!

shutdown.exe (~19 Kb)

Downloaded times
Since Mar 13, 2000

Note: you need to have msvbvm50.dll in your Windows System directory. If you don't, download SFX-setup for installing this library.

msvbvm50.exe (~707 Kb)