Here I would like to put some useful freeware and shareware programs I wrote.


Pop-Up Dictionary (Crammer)

This program helps you to learn words in many foreign languages or just some definitions in your native language. Just add your words, set the time, and the program will randomly ask you the translation of the next word from the list you entered. You can also create/delete vocabularies and dictionaries and organize words in them, customize text fields with your own fonts and colors. You can download additional dictionaries from the site of the program.

Encyclopedic Dictionaries:

Bilingual Dictionaries:

Phrase Dictionaries:

Special Dictionaries:


Shutdown Hotkey

It's a FREE Shutdown/Reboot/Logoff Utility. After you launch this program (the best way is to place it into the Startup folder) you can shutdown, reboot or log off your computer just by pressing a key combination or do it from the system tray.



The program reads the Birthday.txt and Holidays.txt files and shows, how many days are left to the birthdays or holidays, the dates and names of which are written there. The message will be shown if the holiday is celebrated at least in 7 days. To show the next holiday within the queue, press <Enter> or <Escape>. You can edit these files to be noticed of your own birthdays and holidays.

To run the program every time Windows starts, unzip the archive to any folder and place a shortcut of the program birthday.exe to the Startup folder.

Birthday (~8 Kb)

Birthday with the source code (~13 Kb)



VB Code Format Macro for Word 97/2000

An excellent formatting tool! Format your VB code right in MS Word with your personal fonts and colors! It's FREE!

The Ultimate VB News Source