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سیزده به در

There are 10 questions in this test.

1. On which day of the festival of Nawruz do Iranians go picnicing outside?
12th day
13th day
14th day

2. This webpage is about:
The beliefs and customs of Sizdah Be Dar
The beliefs and customs of Yalda, the Winter Solstice
How to set up your Haft Sin Table

3. Upon what do they put their picnic food?
picnic tables
tv trays
sofre, i.e. tablecloth on the ground

4. Which part of Iran celebrates Sizdah Be Dar?
North Tehran
Parts of Khorāsān
everywhere in Iran

5. What is meant by Sar-e Yek Sofre?
They treat the sofre like it has a animal-like characteristics
They only put the food at one particular end
It just means AT One Sofre

6. Why does the final letter Kāf in the word Yek look odd?
The webmaster tried to get fancy for Ayd-e Nawruz
It's the Arabic encoding
It is just a matter of personal style

7. Why do all the final letter Ye's have 2 dots?
This is a special font with an Arabic flavor
The typist was probably from Saudi Arabia
The webmaster did not use Unicode UTF-8 encoding

8. Why is there a space in between mi and shavand and between mi and gozārand?
They were afraid the Google bot would come and index this page
They wanted the beginning Persian students to think they were talking about wine-drinking
Persian standards were not a priority

9. What is that tower in the background of the picnickers?
Ruins of ancient Iran
A TV tower
Borj-e Āzādi or, Freedom Tower

10. What would be an adjective to describe the picnic-grounds in the pictures?

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