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رای بدهید از هوشنگ توضیع

There are 10 questions in this test.

1. Who is this guy?
We've never seen him
Spokesman from the State Dept
Davud Moslemi

2. What is his real name?
هوشنگ توصیه
هوشنگ توصیع
هوشنگ توضیع

3. What is he selling?
Nothing, he wants you to vote in the next elections
He is selling cheap, director's cut copies of Ferestāde
He is selling tickets to the next rawze-khāni at Āqā's house

4. Who is his ham-sar?
شهره آغداشلو

5. Where is the audience of Iranians he is addressing?
خارج از کشور
داخل کشور
در کانادا

6. From which view (nazar) have Iranians made it to the top?
educational and economical only
cultural and artistic only
tahsili, eqtesādi, farhangi, honari

7. What is a synonym for register kardan?
register neveshtan

8. Where can you go to register to vote?
ketāb-khāne-ye Pi-Si-El
ketāb-khāne-ye `omumi
bāgh-e `omumi

9. Where's another place you can register to vote?
istgāh-e otobus
forush-gāh-e Coop

10. What is rāi-ye shomā?
صدای ماست
صدای توست
صدای آمریکاست

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